Marketing Tools Used by Apple

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Apple Inc. is a company many people can never fathom. They are a very very admired company that many people tried to emulate but failed. Apple’s customers don’t usually buy their products based on the specifications and features of the products, they are usually bought simply because it’s from Apple. They have reached a cult status whereby their products sell simply by having the Apple logo on it. A big part of this is because of Apple’s iconic ex-CEO and co-founder Mr. Steve Jobs. He is an amazing businessman but he is not a computer genius. The computer genius was actually Steve Wozniak, the other co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs’ job, pun not intended, was to sell whatever Steve Wozniak made. Jobs’ talent lies in being able to convey his message to the consumers and add a little magic to it. He is always very animated on stage and his charisma is irresistible, and he can always make an ordinary product sound magical and amazing. One of his famous quotes was: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. With this in mind Steve Jobs remained “hungry” to make the best product in the world. And he stayed “foolish” too, to believe and pursue what people think is foolish to pursue. And one thing that has always confounded analysts is how Apple can sell so well when they don’t even advertise much? They are not very prominent on TVs or magazines or radios. They only show commercials occasionally during the Super Bowl event in US. And even then, those commercials are usually only screened during that event and in US only and nowhere else outside US. This is the reason why I chose this company, because it will be challenging to find out what kind of IMC channels they use and how is it that they can achieve success with fairly minimal advertising.

Apple’s two main competitors are Microsoft and Samsung. The three best selling products of Apple’s product lineup are their Macintosh computers, iPhones and iPads. Microsoft are the ones producing the Windows operating system that competes head-tohead with Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion, while Samsung produces their “Galaxy” series of Android smartphones and tablets to compete with their iPhones and iPads. Microsoft is successful to a certain extent because a lot of businesses still cannot shrug away from Windows as most of their office softwares only works on Windows operating systems. Samsung is also successful to a certain extent because there will definitely be consumers that favours Android’s openness as opposed to the closed system of Apple’s mobile operating system named “iOS”. In the remaining parts of my report, my objective is to find out how Apple stays ahead of its key rivals to stay at the top of their game.

Apple is known for their relative lack of use of marketing communication tools. Their most commonly used tool would be advertising. As I have mentioned earlier, they have created quite a few advertisements along the way, the most famous one being the commercial titled “1984” which will be addressed in the next section. Their commercials are mostly shown during the Super Bowl event in the US and it is usually a spoof of or a jibe at the Windows system. More recently, from 2006 till 2009, they had a series of commercials each at 30 seconds which can be found on their website. The campaign was called “Get a Mac” and it was a move to try and convince new consumers to buy a Macintosh and also to convert Windows user to a Mac. These online commercials are all based on the flaws of Windows system. Another form of marketing Apple does is public relations, but their form of approach is very unique. Apple has always been famous for their keynotes and this is their form of public relations. Steve Jobs will always take the stage to announce a new software or

hardware during their annual events. Apple has about three different events...
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