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Marketing mix is an important element to start a new business. It is include 4Ps which are product, place, price and promotion. In our project, we focused on these 4Ps to achieve our goal. We wrote our survey questions considering the 4Ps to investigate people’s opinion and start thinking about our marketing strategy for the online shopping website. Furthermore, after finishing the survey and investigated peoples’ views, we decided how to design our website and market it to satisfy our customers. In this report, we will talk about product, place, price and promotion strategies in details. Moreover, we will mention our ideas for marketing our website.

“A product is what an organization has to offer to its target market”(Product Decisions ). Since the target market is our main elements in this project so we have investigated their opinion about the products in Splash store in Fujairah City Centre. In our survey, we have asked people about the preference items that they want to buy it online. Due to our survey’s results we noticed that most customers prefer buying clothes, shoes and bags. Therefore, we will focus on these products in our strategy. However, we will offer all the products in Splash store. Moreover, we asked them about what reason influence that affects their decision when they buy online. The results of this question are that they think the description and the photo of the item is important so we have thought how to grab people’s attention to shop online and buy from us. Consequently we decided to:

-Put high definition photos of products so everything will be clear and obvious. -Use attractive words to describe the products.
-All our words must be clear and easy to understand.
-Easy to navigate and find the products.
-Make videos in the Youtube to advertise our products.
-Put some of our product’s picture in various websites.
-Models wearing our products to show the customer how its looks like.

This is example of how we will describe the products.

We did all of these steps to maintain Splash store brand name. As Splash is a famous name within Centerpoint stores offering many different products. Splash’s store featured with its high quality and unique products.

Place - refers to providing the product at a place which is convenient for consumers to access. Place is synonymous with distribution. The purpose of advertising the website is to get traffic but that not the only thing we should consider. After getting visitors to our website we should keep them by creating a good website. Due to our survey we discovered the things that we should care about in our website which are: putting attractive pictures to persuade the customer to buy and put a variety of products and not focusing on one thing to attract many segments. The price will be apparent putting it next to the product picture to make it easy to find. Moreover, we will explain the paying method under the picture of the product to not confuse the customers. Additionally, the website will be in Arabic and English so we can attract larger segment. Also, we will put history panel for our registered customer so they can access the things they reviewed before. Furthermore, we will have panel that shoes related things. For example, when someone reviewing flats, the panel will shows related things and other flats. For the navigation panel we access other competitors’ websites to see where most of them putting the navigation panel which was on the top. Therefore, we decided to put our navigation’ website on the top. For the delivery we will deliver for Fujairah community, Khor Fkkan, Kalba and Dibba To make our online shop known to people we will use SEO which means we will design a Web site to make search engines to find our Website easily. Also, we will submit our website to more than search engines Websites like Google, Ping and Yahoo. Also, we will distribute our website to social media...

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