Marketing Sanjewaka Final

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1.1. company overview
Sanjeewaka is an emerging ayuruvedic health & cosmetic company in Sri Lanka. It is located at veyangoda… R.J Ranjith premarathne is the chairman of this company. There are four directors in this company & this is a family business. This company is situated in 152 c.palm grove state, paththalagedara, veyangoda. Contact information are as follows, fax number is +94 332287073, and email address is This company was established in 1993. In the beginning this was started as ayuruwedic treatment center, after few years R.J Ranjith premarathne the chairman did some experiments about, new ayuruvedic products and some of them are “ chandanalepa” balm, soft face wash, herbal face wash. These products are very famous cosmetic solutions for any beauty culture problem in Sri Lanka. Most of these products are exported to the foreign market since these products are very popular with foreign people. In this company there are many divisions such as production unit, H.R.M unit, Distribution unit, Research and Development unit. In this company research and development unit does daily experiments. From these experiments they are trying to invent new products.
The vision of this company is to be the pioneer of the market by being the doctor of every human being .There is a small description about the Sanjeewaka products.

1.2. Product description
They produce herbal cosmetic products which increases the beauty. As their beauty products they produce Chandanalepa herbal scrub, Chandanalepa soft face wash, Chandanalepa skin toner, and Chandanalepa cream .except these beauty products they produce highly active ayuruvedic oil named as ‘giniraja” It is specialized for windy pain, aches, sprains and bruise, stiffness swelling, back ache, numbness in hand or legs, lumbago, mugenlar pain, crumps, headache, cold strong sneezing, hose blackness. This is only for external use only. They use only 100% natural herbal raw materials to

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