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Supreme beverages limited

This includes the company profile and its products. This also consists the target market and the segment. The company has identified the need of the soft drinks especially for the children. So the company wants to introduce the new product into the market for children but the company does not wants to confine to the children so the drink will also be used by the all age groups. The product is manufactured under Prathik & Pavan Pvt Ltd shortly known as p&p ltd. which is under the group of “SUPREME BREWERIES”. The product names include the REFRESCO, Snapple, LITE and SMOOTHY. These products include aerated and non aerated drinks both for the children and also for the all groups. For these products the target market include the mainly children and also the all age groups. The income levels of the target market may not affect the buying and demand.

Growth for leadership which states growth with quality and customer attention and profit. Vision statement shows the following Customer attention Profit motive with morals Leadership in the market

provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our stake holders. We strive for integrity and honesty. Achieving best distribution by which product can reach to the consumers as early as possible.

The primary objective of the company is to serve the needs and wants of the consumers. To improve and enhance the satisfaction levels of the consumers. To supply and provide the company’s product in every corner of the target market.

The primary objective of the company is to have a leadership position in the market. To make the product as generic so that the consumers will demand the product for every visit to the retailer by next 3 years. To achieve the 500000 units to sell per annum by next 4 years. Increasing the business to all over the markets in south India by next ten years.

The core product in our product is the drink which we are offering.

The actual product is in the soft drink is the bottle size and the shape of the bottle. Actual product constitutes the no caffeine which causes the health related problems. Actual product will consist of the various variants and flavors’ which include aerated and non aerated drinks.

The augmented product is the packaging and the distribution net work. And consumer can consume half the drink and he can store the remaining drink and can consume at later stages with taste remain same as at the time of sealed pack. Augmented product of the soft drink also consists of the other offers which include the tours and trips. This also includes the lunch and dinner with the brand ambassadors of the company.

The target market for soft drink is the children and the age group existing above 8 years also but the main target remains children. The children who having the age above 8 years they can consume. We are focusing only on Hyderabad market and the product can affordable by the middle class and lower middle class.

Position statement:
The company wants to serve the consumers with best quality drinks which will not have any impacts on the consumers.

“Serve the quality, be the best.”
This statement ensures the customers that the company serves the best quality of the products.

This photo shows that the product ensures the coolness.

As the company mainly targets the Hyderabad market. And targeting the mass market here the company targets all the segment children’s and their parents. Our main target is children’s but we are also targeting their parents because they are the initiators in the case of children’s the parents are the decision makers so we are targeting them. The children’s constitute our overall market....
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