Marketing project on britannia

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Executive Summary

Objective of the project

Research Methodology.

Literature Review

Company Profile

Trade Profile

Marketing Plan

Management Hierarchy

Comparison with other business

Govt. policies related to business

About the topic (Market Potential)

Findings And Analysis






Word of Thanks

A work is never a work of an individual. We owe a sense of gratitude to theintelligence and co-operation of those people who had been so easy to let usunderstand what we needed from time to time for completion of this exclusiveproject.We want to express our gratitude towards Marketing Faculty, for giving us an opportunity to do this project.Last but not the least, we would like to forward our gratitude to our friends &other faculty members who always endured us and stood by us and without whom we could not have envisaged the completion of our project.

To start any business the success entirely depends on the marketing researchdone about the particular and the consumer attitude towards the product.Marketing research plays a vital role in a business to make it success.We have tried to put our best effort to complete this task on the basis of skill thatwe have achieved during our studies in the institute.We have tried to put our maximum effort to get the accurate statistical data.However we would appreciate if any mistakes are brought to us by the reader.

After going thick on the things, now time is to make a complete picture. Whilemaking a product a SKU (stock keeping unit) of the shop retailers think about theGMROI (gross margin return on investment) and they promote the brand whichprovides them highest. They expect return in the form of profit margin, companyschemes, window display and reference of the shop. Among these, companyschemes make the difference and are the highest sources of motivation after profit margin. Retailing demands a constant push from the company.Marketer needs to use advertising and brand building strategies to address thediscerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers. The manufacturer shouldunderstand consumer behavior because retailers can’t help quality and price. It isonly up to manufacturers to deliver what consumer wants. I need to stress on itbecause 58% retailers said that it is demand why they sell Britannia. 61% agreethat at retail shop it is brand popularity, which determine the purchase of biscuit.There is a greater need to understand the retailer behavior. Considering them asa team, working for the company may help them to be attached to the company.There should be a feeling of belonging to the company in inner of the retailers.This can be done by setting values club for retailers so that they may exchangeviews with the company and help in understanding consumer behaviour.

Understanding the buying behavior of the target market is the essential task of marketing management under marketing concept. The consumer market consistsof all the individuals and households who buy or acquire good and services for personal consumptions. The buying behavior tries to find out the answers for thequestions, who buys? How do they buy? Where do they buy? Do they buy?

There are four major factors that influence the buying behavior such as culturalfactors, social factors, personal factors, and psychological factors.

Culture is the most fundamental determinant of aperson wants and behavior. Values, perceptions, preferences, andbehavior are the main variable under culture of an individual. Each culturecontains sub-culture like nationality, religious group, geographical area,and linguistic divisions etc.


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