Quantative Methods

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Quantitative marketing research Pages: 3 (1650 words) Published: October 25, 2014
FINAL PAPER Marketing Research BMDS 6380 Dr. Ken Smith TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT.......Page 3 Literature Review.....Page 4 Marketing Alternatives...Page 5 Evaluation of Alternatives.....Page 5 Implementation....Page 7 Conclusion..Page 8 References..Page 9 ABSTRACT There are many reasons why businesses fail both on a small and large-scale level. Marketing research is a tool that many companies fail to utilize fully and properly. Failing to realize how investing both time and adequate resources in marketing can cause a business to succumb to the many obstacles they face with success. There are pros and cons to consider when a business is deciding whether they are going to do the marketing research themselves or if they will hire a third party agency. Implementing the best choice is all-dependent on long-term objectives and how much money the company can afford to put into the business. LITERATURE REVIEW Marketing research is a serious business problem that one point or another affects every single business be it if they are on a small or large scale. Coming out of the gate a company must know exactly what their product or service is about and who they are trying to reach. To illustrate this point lets use a start up company who is trying to start a sandwich shop. Right off the bat the first thing that is going to come to mind of most consumers is Subway. Subway has done an excellent job at marketing themselves as a fresh and healthy alternative for the fast food lifestyle. They took an ordinary man and used him as an example of how deterring yourself from everyday temptation of fast food and switching to a sensible lifestyle can impact your life by improving your health. Obesity is a ongoing struggle that plagues our country and has consistently been a epidemic and concern so using that angle helped them basically reach out to every single person across the nation touching every market. For the company that is starting the sandwich shop they must take into...

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