Arabian Oud: A Perfume Retailer From Saudi Arabia

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula, Mecca Pages: 7 (1614 words) Published: February 27, 2013

This global marketing plan would not have been possible without the consent and

guidance of our dean Melinda M. Bautista and Professor Doc. Borres to make this

research for a part of our subject international and global market.

I would like to acknowledge my family for the financial support and to my dad who

gave information about Saudi Arabia.


I dedicate this global marketing to myself, to our god ,family, friends and to our

Professor Doc. Borres.

Executive summary

The following research paper focuses on the brand awareness of Arabian Oud, a perfume retailer from Saudi Arabia to help them identify and define marketing strategies to penetrate the United Kingdom perfume market. It primarily tries to understand and evaluate various parameters of decision making like importance of brand attributes, reasons to try new perfumes, occasions on which perfumes highly preferred and the role of age, income and ethnicity group whilst purchasing a perfume. The necessary data was collected by randomly interviewing 120 respondents with the help of questionnaires. The information collected from the surveys was processed using various statistical techniques with the help of SPSS software which included the correlation test, t-test, ANNOVA, and cross tabulation.

The research paper is designed in a chronological order beginning with the company background and industry overview followed by research methodology used to accomplish research aim and objective. The paper further continues with explaining various data collection techniques practiced and interpretation of the findings after processing of the available collected data. The paper concludes with reflecting the research limitation and recommendation.

Business and economic Review

Saudi Arabia’s economic freedom score is 60.6, making its economy the 82nd freest in the 2013 Index. Its score is 1.9 points worse than last year due to substantial declines in business freedom, property rights, trade freedom, and freedom from corruption. Saudi Arabia is ranked 8th out of 15 countries in the Middle East/North Africa region, and its overall score remains above the world average. Driven largely by high oil prices and expansionary public spending, Saudi Arabia’s economy has expanded at an average growth rate of 3.5 percent over the past five years. However, there has been little progress in structural and institutional reform. The kingdom has lost economic freedom two years in a row, recording one of the 15 largest score declines in the 2013 Index. The perceived level of corruption has increased, and the legal system remains susceptible to political influence. Saudi Arabia’s property rights score is now lower than the world average. Despite some progress in previous years, the competitiveness of regulatory efficiency and open-market policies is also lagging behind other emerging economies. Dynamic gains from free flows of trade and investment continue to be undermined by bureaucracy and a lack of transparency.

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy ruled by King Abdallah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. Early in 2011, pro-reform demonstrations were mounted by Shia activists in eastern Saudi Arabia, but they did not seem to have much impact. Most of the dominant Sunni population appeared to be satisfied by increased economic benefits and the monarch’s promise of greater political participation. As the world’s leading oil producer and exporter, Saudi Arabia dominates the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Oil revenues account for about 90 percent of export earnings and about 80 percent of government revenues. Saudi Arabia joined the World Trade Organization in 2005 and has sought to attract...
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