Marketing Plan of Music Concert in Shanghai

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Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

Explanation of financial planning ---------------------------------------------------------- 3

Explanation of marketing planning -------------------------------------------------------- 5

Analysis of operations and logistics --------------------------------------------------------- 7

Conclusion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

List of References ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9

Appendices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10 Detailed budget
Sponsorship plan
Marketing plan

Visual Statements (poster and logo) ------------------------------------------------------ 17

* Descriptions of event and aims.
World Exhibition which can be shortened as World Expo is a kind of international business activities with a long history and numerous considerable influences (Expo 2010 Shanghai China, 2008). In 2010, the forty-first world expo has been successfully opened in Shanghai from the beginning of the May to the end of October; and the aim of Shanghai Expo is universally acknowledged as “better city better life”. “Colorful Concert” will be held during the period from October first to October seventh in 2010 at Shanghai Grand Theatre. The aim of the concert is “colorful music colorful life” because people are increasingly busy at working in the modern society while ignoring proper rests. Furthermore, reminding people the importance of our mental health is also one of our objectives. What is more, it is beneficial for citizens whom from different regions to contact and enjoy various music. As a result, we hope to help citizens to release their body and ease their mind through a large music show. Evidently, the relationship between Colorful Concert and 2010 Expo is that both of two events can assist people’s lives become better, healthier, and more colorful. * A summary of preliminary planning

Before the colorful concert, we initially decided to stage a large variety show which is more composite than the concert. We named the previous one as “A Dream City” which involved the changes in four different aspects such as transportation, construction, traditional culture and environment as well. However, it is extensive to state objectives and unreasonable to be held within seven days. * Thesis statement

In this report, it will demonstrate the financial and marketing plans with a detailed budget, a sponsorship plan and a marketing plan in appendix. Moreover, the operations and logistics will be analyzed in the last part of report. Explanation of Financial Planning

* The process of determining
Financial plan is a plan for expenditure and future income, which can also be simply regarded as a budget or an investment plan. A financial planning always plays a pivotal role during the whole preparation for an event (Cooper, R, n, d). This is because a successful financial plan refers to the means by which cash will be acquired to cover future expenses; therefore, it can be a determination on whether could be profitable or not. According to Shone, “many organizers do not fully appreciate the financial implications of the decisions they are making and are consequently surprised, when the accounts are done, how little profit has been made, or how big a loss has been incurred.” Consequently, an appropriate financial planning and management could determine the successes of an event. Moreover, the financial management can be divided into three categorizes which are profit-oriented events, break even events and loss leader or hosted events.

The colorful concert is a profit-oriented event due to an expectation on revenues which can exceed expenses. More specifically, from the view of political and economic environment, it has been...

References: Top Achievement (n, d) Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals [Online] Available at: [28th May 2010]
Shone, A, and Parry, A, (2004) Successful Event Management A Practical Handbook
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