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Kikuet is a Puerto Rican company founded in Canóvanas, 31 years ago. In 1979, Enrique Mangual gave birth to this business. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of frozen food. Over the years, Kikuet has expanded not only nationally but also in some of the states of America. Nowadays, it is the biggest line of congealed products in the island. Within the products made by this company we can find: croquets, turnover pies, fritters, corn rolls, fried sweeten plantain, fillings, fried cheese balls, tacos, round maize loaves, guanimes and hojaldre. Actually, the company’s essential has been to create wealthy food, unique in flavor and with high quality ingredients. Kikuet enjoys from a great reputation between the consumers for its quality, taste, preparation, durability, tradition, service and value. They are made using the prescriptions “made in home” and also have a nutritional value approved by the USDA. Each of these elements leads the company through the first place, not only in sales but also in the preference scale. Based on different studies, Kikuet has turned into the line of more acceptances in the kitchens of the country.

Kikuet products can be used in different ways, already as snack, main meal or dessert. Depending on the customer’s preference, different ingredients can be combined to perform an exquisite plate. For those who have stressful lives and do not have time to cook, these products are the solutions. Delightful and easy to prepare are qualities that fits perfectly with the description of this food. Any hour of the day is suitable to enjoy one of these plates. Moreover is an excellent resource for a party, birthday or any other social activity. Cafeterias as well as restaurants include Kikuet products in their menus. In spite of his multiplicity of uses, the frozen ones are outlined as starters.

Puerto Rican’s hands are responsible for the artisan confection of the Kikuet products. With more than 100 varieties of packing and the amplest product selection congealed of the Island, the consolidated sales of Kikuet continue in increase. This brand enjoys the consumers’ preference in an 85% of the local market. They count with entire equipment that dedicates them to form new flavors and to throw them to the market. The line BORI-MEX is an example of the diversification of ingredients we can find. This extension of the Kikuet brand combines Puerto Rican culture with Mexican. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about food’s durability, because the company uses the most careful methods to prevent the flavor from getting lost before coming to the table."Of everything for all the tastes” it is a motto that it applies perfectly to this brand; they rely on a variety of sizes and flavors capable of satisfying all kinds of palate. The prices are adaptable to the pocket of the hard-working class, converting them into one dish accessible to all kinds of public. Focusing in the flavor, from kids to adults can enjoy the foodstuffs. They go from soft flavors as potato's landfill or croquettes to stronger flavors as the line Bori-mex. For the ones that seek to sweeten the palate also there’s an alternative, the guava turnover pies and corn rolls. Unlike other brands, Kikuet own particular stores.

The competition at the present time is very hard in business level and frozen food field is not the exception. Kikuet faces companies as Titan or Goya and nonetheless 85 % of the consumers prefer it as the leading brand. This company has been rewarded a great many times by his quality, value and flavor. The permanence of Kikuet exceeds the levels of the opposite chains. Contrasting with other brands, Kikuet has their own stores but also distribute their products to the big chains of supermarket in P.R. In the past years, Kikuet has reached more than 10 million dollars in sales per year.

Social Marketing
The actual slogan that guides Kikuet’s merchandise is “The taste for...

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