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Unit 4: Marketing Principles
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Task 1: (LO1, LO2,LO3, LO4): Plan: Marketing Plan
18 Apr. 2014
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Ajumal Abdulla Ali / Student ID 914

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Ajumal Abdulla Ali
18 April 2014

Ajumal Abdulla Ali / Student ID 914

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Chapter 1 Executive summary
Chapter 2 Company Introduction
Chapter 3 Elements of marketing Process
A. Marketing audit
B. Integrated marketing
C. SWOT Analysis
D. Marketing objectives
E. Marketing plan
F. Marketing mix
G. Target markets
H. Scope of marketing

Environmental analysis.



K. Options

Chapter 4 Marketing orientation
Chapter 5 PESTEL analysis and impact on marketing decisions
A. Macro environmental factors
B. Micro environment factors

1. Stake holders
2. porters five forces
Chapter 6 Market segmentation and target market
1. Primary Target market
2. Secondary market

Ajumal Abdulla Ali / Student ID 914

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Chapter 7 Targeting strategy
Chapter 8 Analysis buyer buying behavior
Chapter 9 New market positioning
Chapter 10 Product development process.
1. Original concept
2. Screening of ideas
3. Business analysis
4. Concept definition
5. product development
6. marketing mix issues
7. market testing
8. pilot launch
9. roll out
Chapter 11 Marketing mix
Chapter 12 Distribution process
Chapter 13 Pricing policy
Chapter 14 Integrated promotion mix
Chapter 15 Extended marketing mix
Chapter 16 Consumer market versus business market

Ajumal Abdulla Ali / Student ID 914

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Executive summary
Marketing plan is a written strategy used by the marketing department for the selling of products

and services of a business, it is a reflection of the business on how serious a company is in meeting competitors head on.
Having a good marketing plan will help improve your odds against experienced rivals and new entrants. Planning enables you to recognize and take action on various trends and consumer preferences that other companies have overlooked or completely ignored and to develop and expand your own select group of loyal customers.

This article will talk about the various elements in creation of a...

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