Marketing Plan for for Herborist Cosmetic Company, China

Topics: Marketing, Traditional Chinese medicine, Cosmetics Pages: 17 (6508 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Contents i Executive summary3 ii List of Chart/ Figure4 1.0 Situation analysis5 1.1 Company and products background5 1.1.1 Company introduction5 1.1.2 Products introduction5 1.2 Industry introduction6 1.2.1 Market size and share6 1.2.2 Developing trends7 1.3 Macro-environmental analysis8 1.3.1 Political and legal environment8 1.3.2 Economic environment9 1.3.3 Sociocultural environment9 1.3.4 Technological environment10 1.4 Competitive analysis10 1.5 Customer analysis11 1.6 Distribution channels analysis11 2.0 SWOT analysis12 2.1 Strengths12 2.1.1 Good organic cosmetics brand image12 2.1.2 Clear marketing position13 2.1.3 Strong parent company13 2.2 Weakness13 2.2.1 Capital not strong as many international cosmetic companies13 2.2.2 Lack of brand awareness14 2.2.3 Huge room of improvement in operations management14 2.3 Opportunity14 2.3.1 Potential consumption capacity14 2.3.2 2008 Olympic Games attract western to traditional Chinese elements (‘Chinese wind’)15 2.4 Threat15 2.4.1 Tough competition15 2.4.216 2.4.3 Investment risk (ROI and cash flow)16 2.4.4 Economic crisis17 3.0 Objectives17 3.1 Corporate objective17 3.2 Marketing objectives17 4.0 Marketing strategy18 4.1 Target market18 4.2 Positioning strategy18 4.3 Marketing mix19 4.3.1 Product strategy19 4.3.2 Pricing strategy21 4.3.3 Promotion strategy22 4.3.4 Place strategy24 5.0 Budget for the next three years27 6.0 Projected profit and loss statement28 7.0 Action program29 8.0 Control & feedback29 8.1 Sales analysis29 8.2 Market share analysis30 8.3 Profitability by product30 8.4 Efficiency on advertising, sales promotion analysis30 8.5 Sales-force efficiency31 9.0 Reference32 i Executive summary The marketing plan is aimed to outline a systematic marketing strategy for Herborist Cosmetic Company, which is specialized in herbal cosmetics. This marketing plan will firstly carry out a deliberate analysis on the market share, size, macro environment, distribution channel, competitor, customer and SWOT analysis for Herborist in Chinese cosmetic market. And then, based on the analysis, it will state the corporate and marketing objectives of Herborist and then give proper marketing strategy recommendations for Herborist. On one hand the recommendations will include the aspect of market segmentation combined with targeting consumer statement as well as positioning strategy. On the other hand, the recommendations will also include the suggestions on marketing mix such as the product strategies, pricing strategies, distribution strategies and promotion strategies. ii List of Chart/ Figure Figure 1 Market share and growth of different cosmetics sub-sectors, 2009…………7 Figure 2 Skin care brands: share of total sales, 2008-09……………………………..10 Chart 1 Marketing budget chart for year 2011 to 2013………………………………27 Chart 2 Projected profit and loss statement (2011 -- 2013)………………………….28 Chart 3 Implementation schedule……………………………………………………29 1.0 Situation analysis 1.1 Company and products background 1.1.1 Company introduction Shanghai Herborist Co., Ltd. launched in 1998, as a subsidiary of the leading cosmetic producer Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd, is independently operated (Herborist official website 2010). As its great focus on using indigenous Chinese herbs in its natural beauty-care products, it has won population to a certain extent in the domestic cosmetic market of skin care aspect and was awarded with the title of “Shanghai famous brand” in 2005(Herborist official website 2010). And till the year 2008, Herborist has launched in European market through cooperation with Sephora, which is a leading cosmetics retailers owned by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group (Sephora official website 2010). 1.1.2 Products introduction The personal care products of Herborist personal are born based on the concept of combination of both modern biotechnology and traditional herbal medicine. Under...
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