Marketing plan

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Cosmetics Pages: 4 (695 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Marketing plan
Rainbow (cosmetics)
Chamaine Luke

Mission statement:
We intend to meet our customer needs and development in quality products that we retail. Vision statement
To make a fair amount of profit to pay investor and the generate enough revenue for growth of the enterprise. Market description/ overview
Target market/ Target segment:
Rainbow is a cosmetics business that offers cosmetic products for the skin, from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, rhassoul mud, and Aloe Vera that improve individual skin texture and appearance. Rainbow is targeting mostly ladies between ages 2 to 50, and men worldwide. Women and men that want their skin looking young, feeling soft and clear of marks, rainbow offers a variety of products for those areas. Rainbow products show improvement of skin within a week of usage.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats analysis:
Strengths: We manufacture quality products high end and is loved by the cosmetic industry and customers all over the world. Our staff have a wide knowledge of the local and the international market and enterprise. Weakness: we have little experience in marketing and advertising our products. Opportunity: many other retailers high in the cosmetic industry and offer to buy our products to sells. Which would generate more profit and popularity of our brand and products. Threats: we have a lot of competitors that offer the same type of products we offer and the are becoming successful and catching up to us.

Competitive analysis/ Competitive review:
The expansion of The Body Shop has increase competitor pressure. Our major competitor is: The Body Shop. Being ranked the second generation cosmetic business in the world and offering similar organic manufacture products for the skin. It has made it easier for their customers to get the products by opening branches in every country that has a great cosmetic market. They also advertise by having forums and charity events...
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