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Trip advisor

I always use Trip advisor to plan my holiday. The website is very clear, clean and simple but at the same time rich in information such as accommodation, flights, restaurants etc. There is no unappealing images or graphics and the website content is following the motto' follows the motto: ‘less is more' . Things are easy to find as the website is well optimised and the grids well arranged. There is no poor graphics and the content allows you to make good decisions about your holiday :)
I like using this website while gathering vouchers and deal. What impresses me the most is the fact that such a big worldwide website is at the same local as you can receive email alerts about deals in your region and you can access them easily. A good balance has also been kept between the graphics and text content. There is no excess of colours (green blue are dominating) and the home page is well optimised so you can easily access all the important deals.
IMDB is my favourite movies database website, excellent for movie-goers! The website is easy to use and extremely comprehensive. It covers not only movies, but also TV, DVD concerts etc. IMDB is also very professional and reliable. The website content is up-to-dated regularly and this is not only for popular movies but low budget productions. As a foreigner always looking for worldwide movies, I can easily find Polish or French films. I also appreciate the IMDB website because it allows people to communicate with each other’s as you can share lists, exchange opinions etc. The website uses minimalist design and that is why it is one of my favourite ones!
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