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Marketing plan

Each business, product or brand needs a detailed marketing plan. What does a marketing plan look like? Our discussion focuses on product or brand plans. With a detail plan, any business will be better prepared to launch a new product or build sales for existing products.

The purpose and content of a marketing plan
A marketing plan serves to document how the organizations strategic objectives will be achieved through specific marketing strategies and tactics, with the customer as the starting point. It also linked to the plans of other departments within the organization

The role of research
To develop successful strategies and action programs, marketers need up to date information about the environment, the competition and the marketers segments to be served. Often analysis of internal data is the starting point for assessing the current marketing situation, supplemented by marketing intelligence and research investigating the overall market, the competition, key issues and threats and opportunities issues.

The role of relationships
The marketing plan shows how the company will establish and maintain profitable customer relationships. In the process, however, it also shapes a number of internal and external relationships.

From marketing plan to marketing action
Companies generally create yearly marketing plans, although some plans cover a longer period. Marketers start planning well in advance of the implementation date to allow time for marketing research, through analysis, management review and coordination between departments.

Introduction to our Brand and Product

Our brand name is “Universal Mobile”. We build not just a mobile but more than that. We believe mobile is not a justified noun for our device. We would rather call it is a smart device, as we extract the latest technology and put as much as we could in our smart device. Our smart device or mobile is a helping hand for every human being for daily life.

This is our brand logo

We recently introduce our brand worldwide. And we believe we can emerge as a strong and competitive mobile phone manufacturer and put in a strong challenge for major mobile companies like; Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony.

We also believe that environment is under massive threat because of using dangerous toxic chemical and other wastages which is the consequences of certain ignorance. So we emphasize on such production which will not harm our environment.

Product sample

U-mobile E1

This is the first ever mobile phone that has sensor that can precisely measure human blood pressure. Which is a great achievement to support medical innovations and for general people. The body of the U-mobile E1 is made of dust and scratch proof, strong and light weight glass. The glass itself looks shiny and it stylish. Though it looks very sensitive, it has been provided very good result in actual tests that our engineers conducted. The U-mobile E1’s look describe itself , the way we think and build smart devices and the quality that we promise to give to the customers. The U-mobile E1 is all about style, precision, power and performance.

Sample Marketing Plan for Universal Mobile

The company’s first product is the “U-mobile-E1” a multimedia, cellular/Wi-Fi enabled smart phone and a first ever mobile phone that has a sensor which is capable of measuring ‘Blood Pressure’. U-mobile will be competing with Apple, Nokia, Sony and other well established rivals in a crowded, fast changing marketplace for smartphone’s that combine communication, entertainment and strong functionality.

Executive Summary:

U-mobile is preparing to launch a new multimedia, blood pressure measurable smartphone, the U-mobile E1in a mature market. Our product offers a competitively unique combination of advanced features and functionality at a value-added price. We are targeting specific segments in...
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