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* Outline_______ ___________________________________________3

* Introduction_______________________________________________4

* Objectives____ ____________________________________________ 5

* SWOT Analysis_____________________________________________6

* Marketing Mix______________________________________________7

* Conclusions ________________________________________________8

* Bibliography _______________________________________________9

* References ________________________________________________10

A. introduction:
First of all my topic will be about promoting a drink that is new in the Market and which will be drink in my pub and soon in the supermarket and stores. The product that we have chosen to do our research on is mixing kind of alcohol with an energy drink. I will produces and sell this new energy drinks. It specializes in adult’s drink. The company and brand are new to the market. In order to provide a useful plan, the target segment has been identified and defined, a SWOT analysis has been carried out for the brand and organization, and marketing communications objectives have been set. The plan identifies the target market through segmentation variables. Finally the marketing communications objectives will be set in the final section. B. body:

1. Segmenting the Market:

a. Knowing the target market that marketing message will be directed toward. i. Most relevant to this market are teenagers and adults
ii. Students and youngest business men and women.
b. Geography is another useful variety, place where I have to market my product. c. Understand and meet customers’ needs

i. The strengths are a devotion to customer service, and the design and innovativeness of the products. ii. This company produces only adult energy drinks and is therefore able to allocate more time and resources to improving only one line of product, unlike other energy drink manufacturers. iii. Some good price.

B. Weakness:
i. Being a new product, there is 0% awareness of this drink in the target. ii. Product for one place differ from product in a huge and known company

C. Opportunities:
1. Find more customers and let age people taste it and try it 2. Set up a website and write a whole page about this products.

D. Threats:
1. Other competitors may sell the same product like vodka, redbull. These are threats to the business as these businesses are running in the high street so if this business fails to impress the public they may find themselves losing customers. 3. MARKETINGMIX:

a. product
i. Improve it.
ii. keeping on its localized branding and producing strategy

b. price:
i. long term objective
ii. making a profit
iii. keep competitors out
iv. maximize sales and keep the product high profit
v. charging high prices of new drinks which has no competitors yet

c. promotion:
i. advertising at lower possible cost
ii. branding the product to be known by everyone
iii. Short-term sales promotion by making a small gift for people to buy it. iv. The product must be promoted so that potential customers are aware that it exists

d. place:
i. finding the best place to sell this product which is my pub ii. Opening another place like a supermarket to sell this drink too. iii. The product must be available for sale in a place that the customer will find convenient.

C. conclusion:
In conclusion it can be seen that the first half of the marketing communications plan has been completed. The target market has been identified as aged between 18 and 44, residing in urban areas in Beirut city, and purchasing the product for personal use. The SWOT analysis revealed that the major advantages are to let teenagers and adults drink this energy drinks with all it attractive...

References: Duncan, T. 2005, Principles of Advertising & IMC (2nd ed.), McGraw-Hill/Irwin, New York.
Schiffman, L. et al, 2005, Consumer Behaviour, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest.
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