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1: Introduction
This report will critically be discussing the marketing strategy, position and the marketing mix employed by LUCOZADE and the use of some principles. Therefore, the analysis will help to identify how brand is positioned in the energy drinks market and how company promotes its product. After analysing existing marketing strategies, recommended future strategies will be given to advice companies of where the brands are leading to and how they will get there.

1.1 Company Introduction
A pharmacist in Newcastle formulated Lucozade in 1927. He formulated an easily digestible glucose drink that could help recovery from sickness by providing them with energy when they did not feel like eating food. In 1938 the brand was bought by Beecham and was distributed nationwide, soon becoming renowned across the country as a trusted symbol of recovery. However, by the 1970s there was a decreasing role for Lucozade in people’s lives as the general population began to grow healthier as the incidence of illness became less frequent. As a result, sales of Lucozade began to drop. An initial brand repositioning, which remained rooted in health and recovery, sought to position Lucozade as a healthy provider of energy to help people recover from the natural daily lulls in energy they might suffer during the day. It was in 1982 that the most significant and successful re-positioning took place. ‘Aids recovery’ was removed from the bottle and was replaced with ‘Replaces lost energy’. Lucozade became a brand that could provide energetic, busy and successful people with the energy they needed to perform to their full potential. In 1990 the Lucozade brand diversified further with the launch of Lucozade Sport, a range of isotonic sports drinks. In balance with your natural body fluids, the brand promised to ‘get to your thirst, fast’. More recently, Lucozade Sport Hydro Active was launched in 2003.

1.2 Report Summary
The objectives of this report for LUCOZADE are:
1. To show how Lucozade develops its marketing strategy and identify the principles and processes involved. 2. To describe the tools and techniques used to produce a strategic marketing plan and show clearly how these have been applied. 3. To investigate whether Lucozade used option generation and evaluation in developing the strategic marketing plan. 4. To develop and produce a written strategic marketing plan for Lucozade. Section 2: Red Bull’s Marketing Strategy

The UK total cold drinks market is large and competitive, with many powerful and famous brands with large marketing budgets competing for share. As a result, the market can be an ever-evolving test for brands that wish to continue to grow in a category that is currently worth £3.55 billion. Within the cold drinks market, increases in the soft drinks category have been slowing. However, growth has been driven considerably by the Energy drink sector, which was worth an estimated £940 million in 2006 and has grown +26% since 2003. (Source: Mintel Energy & Stimulant drinks Market Report August 2006). The Energy drink category continues to grow at pace with brand extensions and new entrants to the market emerging every year. This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the category’s leading brands. (Source: Nielsen value share data, MAT to December 27th 2006). Since its launch, Lucozade has been the market leader in the Energy drink category with just under 60% value share of the category. Key competitors include Red Bull and PowerAde with 27% and 4.5% value share respectively. 2003 also witnessed the introduction of several Private Label sport and energy drink launches from the major grocers. The rest of the market is made up with a plethora of smaller brands, predominantly operating in the stimulant drinks sector, and distributed via the Impulse channel and the on-trade environment. | |Red Bull |Solstis |Lucozade Original Energy |Purdey's |Red Devil |Feelfine...
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