Green Ox Case Analysis Marketing

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To decide target segments, positioning strategy, pricing and number of flavors for launch of Green Ox Customers Customers includes majorly sports drink consumer and antioxidants pill consumers. Beside that there is a little market among V7 consumers too. CompetitorsEstablished sport drinks (Croc-Ade, Sport-Ade, PowerBoost), Vegetable juices(V7) and antioxidants. These are well established players of the market and small players face difficulty to survive.Company Strength| Opportunities | Successful in dissolving antioxidants into energy drinks; Multipurpose sport drink with aided benefits of antioxidants; some studies reported health benefits of the drink.| Sports drink growing at 15% per year; fastest growing category among beverages; high income group, females are more favorable to GreenOx thus potential market exists, Sport drinks are considered as image building of the store| Club stores ignore new product; high retail margins; limitations on flavors produced| Established Competitors; natural antioxidants present in competitor’s product| Weakness| Threat|

SegmentationBased on usage: Sports drink consumer, antioxidants consumer, vegetable juices consumerBased on Income: High Income, Medium Income, Low IncomeBased on age : <25, 25 – 40, >40Based on Gender: Male, femaleTargeting As a large proportion of athletes is consisted of women and they are the primarily household shoppers, and more favorable to Green Ox, it is better to target them. There is a considerable demand for Green Ox among sport drinkers and antioxidants consumers, It is better to target these two sectors. As high income groups are more favourable to Green Ox, it is better to target medium and high income groups. PositioningPosition the product as a lifestyle and sports drink with various health benefits for athletically active men and women.|

ProductSports and energy drink with beneficial antioxidants in flavors of Yellowknife, Jasper Mountain...
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