Marketing Mix in Cafe Coffee Day

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In hospitality industry there is much kind of outlets like hotels and resorts, restaurants, bar, coffee shop these are the place is serving food and beverage here I am going to give my research about coffee shops which providing like hot and warm coffees and quick bites to the customers. I did my research work on Indian coffee shop company who having more than 900 café in 91 major cities in India and 4 café in overseas.



Café coffee day is favorite and largest coffee shop chain in India .this coffee shop is one of the part of amalgamated bean coffee trading ltd.(ABCTCL),it is commonly known as a café coffee day. Coffee day is opened first café in 1996 on brigade road in Bangalore, and today coffee day company has the largest café retail chain in India with 895 cafes across 71 major cities in India. And this is a 300 core ISO 9002 certified company. Coffee day has international customers who are love coffee countries like America, Europe, and Japan and coffee day has 75 percentage of coffee bean production as well. Coffee day has six different divisions include café coffee day.

* Coffee day fresh n Ground(354 coffee bean and powder retail outlets) * Coffee day Xpress (341 coffee day kiosk)
* Coffee day Take away (7000 vending machines)
* Coffee day Exports
* Café coffee Day
* Coffee day Perfect

Café coffee day is known as a CCD this short word very famous in college students and school students this is one of the pioneered café concept in India in 1996 by opening a first café .in 19th...
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