Introduction for Human Resourse Management

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BA Hospitality and Service Management ____________________________________________________________

Introduction to Human Resource Management ____________________________________________________________

Assignment Submission (Part 2) Integrative Case Study – Café Co

Date of Submission:

29 April 2010


Table of Contents

Page no. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Introduction Aim and objectives for the training course How the training course will improve performance Timetable for 2 day induction programme Training methods and media explanations Evaluation for the course Conclusions List of References Appendix 3 3 4 4 8 12 13 16 17


1. Introduction Café Co was one of the top five coffee houses in the globe market. Due to many competitors grown rapidly, the business of Café Co was slipping down to the number five position in recent year. So that, Ben was decided to relaunch

Café Co to be the number one coffee house across the globe. In order to co-operate in this new vision, Kim decided the 2 day training programme to the new baristas. 2. Aim and objective for the training course The aim for the training course was let the new baristas know more information about the company history and organization goals, through the training to enhance their working performance. Kim should use the SMART objective (Drucker, 1954) for the training course. Specific was to be the number one coffee house across the globe. Measurable was through the reputation to increase the market share. Achievable, was to provide an excellence customer service and use the best products quality to attract more new customers. Realistic was provided a suitable training to new baristas for increase their products knowledge and skillful for excellence customer service. Finally, was told them the time-bound.


3. How the training course will improve performance Normally, in the 2 day training course, the new baristas would know more information and the organization goals about Café Co, they could built up a good relationship between another baristas, It would easily let them put into their jobs. Moreover, through the training, they would learn more critical techniques for coffee preparation, understood the customer needs, trained up how to provide an excellence customer services and all the things about their duties. Therefore, when they first time on duties in the stores, they had good enough knowledge and to be a skillful baristas. Then, it should be the first step for Café Co to become a successful coffee house.

4. Timetable for 2 day induction programme Café Co would be hold the 2 day training course the new baristas in a small group around 12-16 people, date would be arranged on 1st July, 2007 and 2nd July, 2007 in 09:00-17:00, venue would be in Café Co Head Office Function Room, all trainees must wear a formal dressing when they attended in this training course, and Kim would invited the top line manager to be one of the trainer.


Training Timetable for Day 1 Time Contents
Welcome 0900-0930 speech system Leaflet, To introduce company history, Company 0930-1045 introduction and lesson recorder, System 1045-1100 Break Line managers would share Experience 1100-1200 Line manager PA system, their working experience in PA goals and company structure Training video projector, DVD market share, organization for this training


mic and


PA Let the trainees know the aim

share form line and managers video

training projector, DVD Café Co, career paths for the recorder new baristas and how to handle the case Welcome lunch hold by Café Co, the aim was gave the

1200-1400 Lunch

chance to all trainees for built up a good relationship and rapport between each others. Through the video, let trainees

Technique providing 1400-1530 excellence customer

for know Projector, DVD customer service skills and Training video recorder, system, customer service was most PA why provide an...
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