Marketing for Bath and Body Works

Topics: Customer, Marketing, Brand management, Demographics / Pages: 8 (1771 words) / Published: Jul 16th, 2013
Executive Summary

Bath & Body Works is owned by the Limited Brand Company, who operates the retail stores in the malls all over the world. They offer their customers personal care products, like hand lotions, body soaps, creams and body spray in all kinds of fragrances. They also offer a line of men’s showering and grooming products, likes lotions and creams in different fragrances. The company has in addition for teenagers, in the group from thirteen to eighteen years of age. The company goal is to begin focusing on the gender and age and income and how they will respect will encourage the customers to buy the products and brands. The strategy used will give them the upper hand in a competitive spot, and how they will target their customers, after they analyze the competitors, Bath & Body Works needs to come up with an online marketing plan which we propose to online objectives. The first objective is to build a better relationship with current customers through communication techniques. The second objective is to make up our sales to new and current customers by 10%. They are trying to build a long term and strong relationship with the customers by sending out newsletters. To bring it all together Bath & Body Works needs to improve their emails and social media of their websites and mail.

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is owned by Limited Brands a US based company and is a subsidiary of limited brands Apparel Company. It was established in New Albany, Ohio in 1990. They started the company by being spa level products in the home. Their stores are somewhat alike and carry just slightly different products and items. They have a wide assortment of products that are moved every season. They own over 1645 stores, and now have started their first Web site, to market their products and brands online. They want to become the ultimate stop for personal care products. The company has recently offered more sales

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