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State of Arkansas Office of Information Technology
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Best Practices Statement – Project Management

Best Practices for Managing State Information Technology Projects

Document Number: BP33-001 Effective Date: 09/01/2003 Published by: Office of Information Technology 1.0 Purpose 1.1 This best practice document was created to a) assist agencies in their project management planning and, b) provide an easily transportable and user friendly project management methodology reference for agencies within the State of Arkansas.

1.2 The best practice guidelines are generic enough to be applied to all projects within the state. It is transferable from project to project but is not intended to be the sole source of information on Project Management.


2.1 The Project Management Best Practices support Arkansas Policy Statement PS-33, Project Management: Guidelines for Managing State Information Technology Projects:

2.2 These Project Management Best Practices tend to focus on information technology projects. However, the best practices can be applied to other types of projects (e.g., manufacturing, constructions, research and development, and marketing).

2.3 Policy Statement-33 is the state policy regarding project management and serves as a guideline for managing information technology projects for the State of Arkansas.

2.4 The Project Management Best Practices are a basis for a standard sequence of processes and associated documents that will facilitate the implementation and control of project management phases at all levels of state government.

2.5 The Project Management Best Practices are intended for top-level managers, experienced and non-experienced project managers, project mentors and coaches, project management instructors, project team members, technology-oriented project participants, project management offices, and any interested individual desiring to gain an overview insight into conducting project management activities and recording the necessary documentation for the project.


3.1 Agencies are required to submit a summation of the project management methodology used for each qualified project as part of their biennial information technology (IT) plan. The summation will be provided in the Project Reporting and Approval Form (PRAF) which is part of the agency biennial IT plan.

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3.2 The Project Management Best Practices are based on the Department of Information Systems, Project and Enterprise Program Management Office Methodology.


4.1 Policy PS-33 - Project Management : Managing State Information Technology Projects: 4.1.1 The purpose of the policy statement is to provide state agencies with the necessary guidelines for managing the state of Arkansas’s information technology projects. The guidelines are provided to help ensure that information technology projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner that promotes the delivery of quality products and services.



Best Practices Recommendation
5.1 Background
It is important to understand the connection that exists between agency project management and the state’s Portfolio Management approach to IT planning (managed by the Office of Information Technology). Business case justification of technology projects is central to the Portfolio Management approach. Having a strong project management methodology in place improves the project’s business case. The project management part of the business case justification will be documented in the Project Request and Assessment Form (PRAF) required for technology projects. In addition to the PRAF, the business case justification requires an ROI...
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