Computer Literacy Seminar conducted at Brgy. Canlalay, Binan, Laguna

Topics: Project management, Vermiform appendix, Management Pages: 11 (5137 words) Published: October 31, 2014

International Academy of Management and Economics
(Computer Literacy Seminar conducted at Brgy. Canlalay, Binan, Laguna) Submitted by: Ernie Dennis Corpuz
Miguelito Casbadillo
Ninotchika Santi Pery
Marvin Mercado
Resmon Gonzalez
Vohn Ryan Precioso
Submitted to: Prof. Emannuel Candido Santos
Date Submitted:September 27, 2014
Table of Contents
Background 4
Pre-survey Evaluation and Analysis7
Project Management Approach8
Project Scope11
Work Breakdown Structure16
Change Management Plan17
Communications Management Plan18
Risk Management Plan20
Cost Management Plan21
Quality Management Planand Baseline 22 Post Training Feedback and Analysis24
1. Appendix A - Work Breakdown Structure of Computer Literacy Seminar28
2. Appendix B – Minutes of the Meeting on August 2, 201429 3. Appendix C – Minutes of the Meeting on August 16, 201430 4. Appendix D – Minutes of the Meeting on August 30, 201431 5. Appendix E – Minutes of the Meeting on September 6, 201432 6. Appendix F – Minutes of the Meeting on September 13, 201433 7. Appendix G – Communication on Change of Project Topic34 8. Appendix H – Project Team Logo35

9. Appendix I – Project Team Contacts and Types of Communications36 10. Appendix J – Work Estimates Gap Analysis37
11. Appendix K – Defined Milestones from the Project38
12. Appendix L – Pre-evaluation Survey on Computer Literacy39 13. Appendix M – Training Evaluation Feedback43
14. Appendix N – Risk Management Plan44
15. Appendix O – Cost Management Plan and Budget Cost Item Comparison45
16. Appendix P – Budget Cost Analysis46
17. Appendix Q – Change Management Plan47
18. Appendix R – Pre-survey Result 48
19. Appendix S – Post-survey Feedback Result52
20. Appendix T – Project Uploaded to Slideshare and Facebook53 21. Appendix U – Letter from Barangay Council of Canlalay
Binan, Laguna54
22. Appendix V – Pictures from the Seminar55
During the administration of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she pushed that each of the government agencies and sectors, national and local, to be adaptable to change in terms of computer literacy program. The project has been designed in order to cope up to our neighboring ASEAN counterparts in terms of computer literacy. Thailand government for instance launched the G-cloud service to facilitate, promote and organize work and communications among different agencies in their government. Japan used on-line campaign on their 2012 national election, permitting candidates to campaign on-line for the first time in their history. The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan launched smart phone applications for i-phones and androids smart phone to allow computer users to browse the profile of each candidate, with links on their facebook and twitter accounts. China on the other hand launched a website to allow citizens to “petition” government with their grievances on-line instead of in-person. The Open Institute, an NGO in Cambodia, launched the uses “crowd-sourcing” to show instances of gender-based violence in mapping in their country. Currently, 2000 public wireless zones are in operation, free to be used by people in South Korea. Their country planned to expand the free wi-fi access to 12,000 capacity beginning 2017. Due to these immersions of upgrading the computer literacy of our ASEAN neighbors, the Philippines launched e-Government with the purpose of enhancing our access of information and improve delivery, efficiency and effectiveness of service to the public. An ICT enabled government allows the citizens easy access to information and services anytime and anywhere as well as create a transparency and accountability in government operations. In pushing the e-Government, ICTO (Information Communications Technology Office) has been established to formulate, implement, evaluate ICT...

Bibliography: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) - 5th edition
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