Marketing Communications Plan

Topics: Target market, Winter, Communication Pages: 44 (12643 words) Published: July 25, 2010

Agata de Knegt - Napiòrska
Student number: 20053550
Supervisor: Ms. Manuela Hernandez – Sanchez
Date: August 12, 2009
“The Hague School of European Studies”
The Hague University of Professional Education

Evorsa is a small scale Dutch organization specialized in organizing personnel events. Although, the company has been on the market for seven years already, it seems that the firm is not moving forward. Through the years, Evorsa has managed to build up a solid image of itself as a winter activities expert in The Hague, thanks to many successful personnel events and projects organized for the community. However, the company is not very popular among its target audience as a summer activities organizer. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to find the best solution for Evorsa to become more attractive to its clients, especially during the summer period and consequently increase the sales.

After analyzing the most vital aspects of Evorsa by means of desk research, an interview with the owner and a survey conducted among the company’s clients, it became clear where the company’s weaknesses lie, and what communication challenges it currently faces. The gaps that diminish Evorsa’s chances to be more successful in its performance as a company are: lack of a clear communication strategy and underrating available communication tools.

Without proper promotion, it would be very hard for Evorsa to get its target group familiar with the products, and to stimulate and convince them to buy. Therefore, detailed recommendations including objectives, strategy and tools have been presented. In order to promote itself and its products more effectively and gain more clients, Evorsa should firstly create knowledge among its target audience and inform them about its new (summer) activities, using the right tactics. It could, consequently increase interest in Evorsa and its products. Another important aspect Evorsa should focus on, is to improve its dialogue with the clients, which can eventually contribute to generating positive word-of- mouth. To support these strategies and achieve its goals, Evorsa should make use of the right communication tools, which include: advertising, direct marketing, e-marketing and word-of-mouth.

Taking into consideration the huge competition, fast changing trends and consumer expectations, Evorsa should make a big effort in order to maintain its good position within the personnel events market. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to plan its activities very carefully and not underestimate promotional activities which are essential to attract people’s attention and win over new customers.

1.2. Organizational structure and personnel1
1.3. Mission, vision and objectives2
1.4. Products3
1.5. The current situation5
1.6. Conclusion5
2.1.Market position6
2.2.Target group7
2.3. Field of forces7
2.4 The competition9
2.5. New trends in the personnel events branch12
2.6. SWOT analysis15
2.7. Conclusion16
3.1.Promotional tools17
3.2. Evorsa’s current communication strategy18
3.3. New trends in marketing communications21
3.4. Conclusion22
4.1. Survey results23
4.2. Conclusion29
5.1. Conclusion30
5.2. Recommendations30
5.2.2. Strategy31
5.2.3. Tools and action32
5.2.4. Control36

This report has been written for the events organizing company Evorsa, situated in The Hague, The Netherlands. The aim of this assignment is to create a marketing communications plan with as purpose to help the organization promote itself and its products more...

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