Cully & Sully Advertising Plan

Topics: Marketing, Nutrition, Food Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Advertising Brief

Company Background
Cullen Allen and Colum O’Sullivan first launched their business Cully & Sully in 2004 with a line of ready-to-eat healthy pies. From their base in Cork, Ireland they have grown their business and increased their product range to comprise of soups, deserts and hot pot meals. They are a leading Irish start-up enterprise having been nominated for Ernest & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In this assignment we will seek to explore the launch of C&S food products in Spain.

Project Aims:
C&S movement into the Spanish market.

Create brand and product awareness amongst our chose target market and acquire new customers in Spain.

Firmly establish C&S soup in customers’ “consideration sets” through effective brand management.

Awareness through promotional activities.

Build high customer lifetime value, essential to long term customer-retention.

Educate Spanish people about the importance of healthy eating.

Promotional activities pertaining to a range of vegetarian, glucose free, low salt foods.

Target Market:


Providing consumers with the quick, easy and tasty food they need, full of natural goodness and nutrition, but without all the preservatives and high salt levels of competitors. C&S aim to do so at affordable prices. C&S want to help us change our eating habits for the better. Raising awareness of, and interest in, the importance of healthy eating is a core value of their business. C&S utilize a market specialization strategy, aiming to meet different needs of their primary target market, the young, urban professional. New “Hot Pots” provide a bigger, more filling meal, that sees the time window shift from an afternoon lunch to an evening meal, yet the fundamentals – quick, easy food that’s wholesome, healthy and great tasting – stay the same

Main Message
C&S aim to provide consumers with the quick tasty food they need, full of natural goodness and...
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