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Marketing 6503: Strategic Marketing Management (Summer 2010)

Instructor: Dr. Kyeong Sam Min
Office:343-B Kirschman Hall
Office Phone:(504) 280-6195
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 – 6:00 pm or by appointment Class Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 – 8:45 pm


• MKT 3501, MKT 4400, ENMG 6101 or departmental consent.

Required Text:

• Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller (2009), A Framework for Marketing Management, 4th edition (ISBN #: 978-0-13-602660-0 or 0-13-602660-5).

Required Harvard Business School (HBS) Cases:

• The following cases can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore or the Harvard Business School Online Publishing (

o Mattel and the Toy Recall (A) (#9B08M010, Ivey School Case) o Heineken N.V.: Global Branding and Advertising (#9-596-015) o Strategic Inflection: TiVo in 2005 (#9-706-421)
o XM Satellite Radio (A) (#9-504-009)
o The Birth of the Swatch (#9-504-096)
o Maria Sharapova: Marketing a Champion (A) (#9-507-065)

Blackboard communication/access:

• Course information will regularly be made available on the UNO website’s BLACKBOARD section. Once fully enrolled in this class, you can access our course site from any location by using your UNO username, and your Blackboard password. If you have your UNO username, you will establish your Blackboard password the first time you log on at Course announcements, grades, and other important information will be regularly posted on this site, and once I post information, I assume that you know it. You must check our BB site several times weekly.

Course Description:

• Business organizations of all sorts engage in the essential tasks of 1) Producing/providing something of value; and
2) Exchanging that value for revenue.

• In a successful organization over time the value created, in comparison with competitive offerings, will be such that the revenue produced from its sale will exceed the cost of production/acquisition. Using the case method, this course will provide students with practice in applying the strategic marketing process in various business organizations and in various circumstances. It is this process which has the role of ensuring that the business engages in profitable exchange over time.

Course Objectives:

1. To provide students with an understanding of the role of the firm’s marketing strategy in competitive environments. 2. To make students competent in the use of those basic tools used in strategic analysis for marketing decision-making. 3. To provide experience with a systematic process used in identification and evaluation of market opportunities. 4. To provide students with practice in converting good analysis into good strategic marketing decisions.

Course Requirements:

• Textbook, Cases, and Articles. The student is expected to read and be thoroughly familiar with the materials which are assigned. However, the ability to simply rehearse "facts" from memory is insufficient. The successful student will develop an understanding of assigned course materials in such a way that he or she can apply it in analysis and decision-making in various situations.

• Class time. The student is expected to have read assigned materials BEFORE the class specified in the schedule. You should be prepared to ask any questions you may have, answer the questions of others, and participate in discussion of the material contained in those assignments. All assignments are due at the beginning of the class for which they are scheduled as due.

• Regular attendance and preparation is essential in a class of this sort. In addition to traditional lectures, the instructor will utilize case studies, class discussions, discussions of assignments, and presentations to facilitate learning. Your...

References: -----------------------
[1] Adapted from Professor Tybout at Northwestern.
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