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Case 2 : Aqualisa Quartz : Simply a better shower
1. Executive summary
Aqualisa launched an innovative shower in 2001, called the Quartz shower but the success wasn’t immediate. At present, the most important goal for Aqualisa company is to increase its new showers in terms of units and profit. But the main impediment is the lack of awareness about this brand from consumers and the reluctance from plumbers about adopting this shower. In order to cope that, the best solution is to develop Aqualisa’s advertising campaign. Current situation: In May 2001, Aqualisa launched its new shower called Quartz shower. According to Harry Rawlinson, the managing director of the company, the new shower is the first significant product innovation in the United Kingdom market. * Market shares of Aqualisa and its separate name brand Gainsborough: the 4th and the 3rd respectively + * The company has a strong reputation concerning quality, service and premium brand. * Plumbers being loyal to Aqualisa

* Vulnerability of the company Aqualisa -
* Brand seen as overpriced
* Service sleeping over the past few years
* Product quality being caught up by other companies
* Huge opportunity in the shower market (Using a valve remotely) + * Lack of knowledge and interest in showers from consumers - * They prefer baths
* Stagnation of the customer base data -
Aqualisa’s Goal alternatives

Even if the new shower from Aqualisa had been launched, the product hadn’t been sold well. * Increasing the awareness of the brand to plumbers. They are the main customers from shower products. They have a strong power of influence as they can influence the consumer’s choice on the type and brand of the shower. As we can see on the pie chart (exhibit 4), 54% of consumers need help from plumbers to install shower and 28% take plumber’s advice on the type and brand of shower. We have to emphasize on...
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