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Audi A1: The Next Big Thing
European Association of Communications Agencies
Gold, Euro Effies, 2011




Audi A1: The Next Big Thing
European Association of Communications Agencies
Gold, Euro Effies, 2011


Audi A1: The Next Big Thing
In August 2010 Audi was ready to introduce its first prestigious small car: the brand-new Audi A1. But what seemed to be a unique chance to win future drivers required Audi to enter uncharted terrain. The big challenge: To get a new generation to buy its first Audi.

After rigorous discounts in 2009 the European market for small cars was declining. With Audi’s premium offer priced 25% above segment average the Audi A1 would be anything but an easy sell! However, by advertising a subcompact car as “The next big Audi” the pre-launch campaign not only attracted thousands of brand newcomers, but also nearly halved average advertising costs. In the end, the Audi A1 became a sell-out success before the car touched the showroom floor.

To pave the way for a successful market introduction in August, Audi decided to surprise Europe with a unique pre-launch campaign for the brand-new Audi A1.
1. Create a strong desire for the Audi A1 and convert this to 10,000 pre-orders. 2. Win a new generation of drivers: at least 50% brand newcomers. 3. Undercut industry advertising costs per car by at least 30%. 4. Position the Audi A1 against main competitor MINI and beat its previous records.

Aiming at young urban adults, the target group was rather Audi-unusual. On average nine years younger, they favour a digital lifestyle and instant communication.

To reach this new generation of future drivers, the brand had to come to their world of instant digital infotainment - offering exclusive content they would enjoy and share.
Positioning insight:
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The target audience felt progressive but didn’t believe that they owned the right car. Instead they drove boxy second hand vehicles with premium cars remaining out of reach for now.
This insight made Audi change perspective. Instead of seeing the A1 as a downsized version of a real car, Audi began to see the A1 as a premium offer for ambitious young drivers.
This meant facing off against a competitor that had dominated this segment for years: MINI, the small, urban fun car for trendy lifestyle people.
The solution: to position the Audi A1 against MINI by using its core premium promise: “Vorsprung durch Technik”.

Campaign idea:
Instead of communicating another cute and joy-orientated car, the positioning motto “The next big Audi” made it clear: The Audi A1 is a truly full-valued Audi standing in line with Audi’s groundbreaking cars, setting new standards in its respective markets.

The idea: premium branded entertainment at its best.

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Creative idea:
An online-based, interactive pre-launch campaign including six heart-racing mystery-thriller webisodes supercharged with none other than audience role model and perfect Audi A1 ambassador: Justin Timberlake.

Campaign roll-out:
With each of the six episodes the campaign catapulted viewers straight into the driver’s seat of the A1. A1 insiders could uncover hidden material, follow the expanding story through social media and millions interacted with the car online – customizing, sharing and test-driving their own designs. A social media platform that unified all of these activities made it really easy to co-create and share exciting content. Media strategy:

A three-step media strategy created an arc of suspense leading up to the European market introduction in August. The primary aim was to generate qualified leads and not countless clicks: at least 100,000 registered potential buyers and Downloaded from




30,000 genuine interactions...
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