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Amul is the biggest brand in the pouched milk sector in the world and in India it is the biggest food brand. It was set up in 1946 and its full form is Anand Milk- producers Union Ltd. The Brand Amul is a movement in dairy cooperative in India. The management of the brand name is done by the Gujarat Co- operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF which is a cooperative organization. Amul's range of products includes milk, ghee, milk powders, curd, ice cream, paneer, cream, chocolate, cheese, butter, and shrikhand. Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March, 1996 in Gujarat.

Now we have decided we will launch Amul Ice-Cream in Bangladesh which will include fat free ice cream and ice cream with different flavors. Amul ice cream will launch on the platform of ‘Real Milk’. ‘Real Ice Cream’ given that it is a milk company and the wholesomeness of its products gives it a competitive advantage.

A business profile is a marketing document designed to catch the attention of and inform potential purchaser about the company’s goods and services. AMUL has the largest distribution network among any FMCG company. AMUL is also the largest exporter of dairy products in the country. AMUL is available today in over 40 countries of the world.

Mission statement is a statement of the organization’s purpose and describes that what the organization wants to accomplish in the large environment. In other words it is a statement that spells out that what the company is, what it does and where is it headed. Amul is aimed to create an opportunity for its customers with variety of ice-creams and different taste of ice-creams. Its mission is to be the first ice-cream for the ice-cream lovers and to create the top position. Vision:

Vision statement is a general statement of less intended direction that evokes emotional feeling in organizational members. It believes that within the next three years it will grow into a demanding ice-cream in BANGLADESH through careful business planning and implementation. The vision trigger will emphasize the premium quality of its products.

Our initial objective is to create awareness among 60% customers within 6 months. We will aware those customers who are conscious about their health. Customers can differentiate Amul from other competitors in terms of Service & product quality,

Dedication and

Quality & Service:
We consider quality to be the cornerstone of our future success. Our production departments will be responsible for ensuring quality. Their objectives will be to make sure that product: Satisfy consumers’ needs.

Can be produced cost efficiently.
Operate in the way they should.
Confirm to safety standards set by the legislations and independent bodies. Dedication:
Our dedicated staffs set Amul from other similar businesses. Our company is dedicated towards the society, suppliers, consumers and employees. Our workers believe that every thing they do or don’t affect the customers.

Amul offers a wide range of ice-cream suiting our customers’ needs and wants. We are planning to make fat free ice-creams.

Current Market Share:

Business Portfolio :
The collection of business and products that make up the company. The company must:
Analyze its current business portfolio and decide which business should receive more, less or no investment. Develop growth strategies for adding new products or business to the portfolio

Bread spreads :
Amul Butter
Amul Lite Low Fat Bread spread
Amul Cooking Butter
Delicious Margarine
Milk Powders:
Amul Full Cream Milk Powder
Amulya Dairy Whitener
Amul Mithaimate
Sweets :
Amul Mithaee Khoya Gulabjamaun
Amul Basundi
Amul Taaza Toned Milk 3% fat
Amul Gold Full Cream Milk 6% fat
Amul Slim & Trim Double Toned Milk 1.5% fat
Amul Saathi Skimmed Milk 0% fat
Amul Cow Milk

Curd Product:
Amul Masti Dahi (fresh curd)
Amul Lite Dahi
Amul Lassee...
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