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In December 14, 1946 a great company came into origin which we know today as “AMUL”. The name has taken from the Sanskrit word “AMULYAM” which mean ‘priceless’. As per study we came to know that the name has been suggested by the quality control department of Amul in ‘Anand’. But, for some it seems that it is the acronym of the word ‘Amul’ as (Anand Milk Union Limited).

During the late 40’s an awareness program took place in the Anand district of Gujarat by the farmers which took the shape of revolution. This revolution was known as the dairy revolution in India. Though, this was a revolution it was well managed and channelized that led to the prosperity to India’s economic growth. It’s a co-operative organization which is being managed by the apex body, Gujarat Co-Operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. The organization is based in the Anand district of Gujarat and has set an example to the world that how well can a co-operative organization run in a long term. Amul in India has brought a white revolution and helped India to be the global leader in the production of milk. India ranks no.1 in the world in milk production. It is also the no.1 brand in manufacturing of vegetarian cheese in the world. The organization is being owned by around 2.41million milk producers of Gujarat.

Amul has a variety of products in its product line of which some of are as follows amul butter, amul cheese, amul ghee, amul curd, amul chocolate, shrikhand, milk powder, paneer, gulabjamun, nutramul and other brands.

Amul is one of the biggest and the largest food brand in India which has an annual turnover of US $ 1700 million in (2009-2010). At present it has 2.9million milk producing members which help it to collect 9.10million liters of milk daily and annually 3.32billion liters.

Amul not only operate in India it has its name outside India too. Amul also exports its products to many countries and is regarded that amul is the largest exporter of the dairy products from India. It operates in many countries like USA, Singapore, Gulf countries and many other countries also.It also has received many awards from the government of India like APEDA award for 11consecutive years.





One of the useful ways of analyzing an organization external environment is by grouping external forces nearly into six areas using pestle analysis.


a. a )Political

b. b) Economical

c. c) Social

d. d) Technological

e. e) Legal

f. f) Environmental

➢ Economic factor:Though the economic environment is influenced by domestic policies, it is also dependent upon world economic trends, rate of economic growth influences consumption patterns, income distribution inflation rates, unemployment price instability, exchange rates, energy prices and many other economic trends determines the nature of product and services required by consumer well as how difficult it becomes to supply them. There is no doubt that the AMUL is making a big contribution in the economies of the foreign country as well as in their own country.

➢ Social factor: Social aspect of the analysis deals with the life styles of the consumer, demographic issues, education, immigration, religion issues, population in the country and the career attitude. The impact of the business in the society is really great because of it become sweeteners after every meal. AMUL recognizes the rights of the work force and valued the ideas they might contributes for their progress.

➢ Technological factor: It includes the technological developments, new product development, new places to sell, automation, impact on cost structure, new ideas and models and so on. Companies have the ability to sell their products over the internet there are different cost of AMUL in other countries....

Marketing Management, Philip Kotler, 12th edition, 2007.
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