Visit to Anand - the Birth Place of Amul

Topics: Cooperative, Amul, History of the cooperative movement Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: September 18, 2006
Visit to Anand- the birthplace of AMUL
(A Report by Dr. Yamini Karmarkar)

Prior Understanding of the purpose and background of visit:
I had prepared the context for understanding the set of institutions we were going to visit through readings made available. I could understand the following: The purpose of this visit was to see the set of inter-related organizations at Anand which have witnessed and have contributed to the major revolution in the country- the cooperative movement. We were to understand the process of making up of such organization, the strong facets of leadership that binds them and the contribution of such a movement to the society as a whole. The whole structure of co-operatives movement and developments thereon can be summarized in the following way:

Learning from the
experience and
giving back to the
Understanding from the visit:

"My knowledge in the dairy technology subordinated to the wisdom of Tribhuvandas Patel acted as the perfect combination to create the experience called -Anand".
Dr.Vargese Kurian

These words expressed by the visionary, legend, the creator of Amul- Dr.V.Kurean at the address delivered to the FDP participants explains the whole story of Amul. I was highly impressed and touched to the heart by his words. An engineer working in metallurgy comes to a poor village in the country just as a matter of destiny and then goes on to create something which has changed the face of nation in dairy industry. He owes this all to his commitment and pride in himself and his country. He says that the most important qualification of a leader is his "Integrity and Loyalty" – first to the organization and the cause for which it exists, then to the subordinates and lastly to his own self. Integrity- like virginity can be lost only once. He also stresses upon competence of an individual in his job.

This field visit to the group of organizations committed
to the the cause of society was a great...
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