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Planned use of Promotional Tools (2 marks)
The types of promotional tools that will be used for ClearSK include: Internet, promotional fliers, newspaper ads and home shopping parties, word-of-mouth referrals.

Free samples (Trial Kits)
ClearSK will provide trial kits in the attempt to convince the new end users to try a new and unfamiliar product. The main reason for this is simply because although quality ingredients, an attractive price tag and advertisements may be enough to attract some consumers; other consumers might like to try products before they buy them (Talia, n.d). Hence, presenting end users with a real product experience tends to reduce their cognitive dissonance whether to try of purchase a new product. In addition, free sampling is also often believed to be an effective promotional tools as companies such as Sephora, which offers a wide range of brands, and Burt’s Bees, a company with several beauty product lines, has also used product sampling to market their skin care lines (Talia, n.d). (

Trade shows
Attending trade shows for at least twice a year will be beneficial for ClearSK as a promotional tool. There are several benefits of attending a trade show such as getting potential customers, information on the most in-demand products, current pricing, and other market opportunities (Aileen, 2014). In addition, by attending trade shows, the awareness with regards to ClearSK’s product offerings and services will increase as representatives from spas and cosmetic businesses will also attend these shows, thus allowing us to display ClearSK skin care line to potential vendors. On top of that, according to according to experts, attending trade shows will help to gain personal interaction among the prospective clients, which cannot be achieved by simply using online B2B sites and other promotional medium (Barbie, 2014). Therefore, personal interaction and presence can help in...
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