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Kate Pendlebury – The District Nurses
Write a detailed report on the procedures followed in your organisation to conduct market research. THE VALUE AND PURPOSE OF MARKET RESEARCH:
Market research is used by our organisation for planning, collection and analysis of data relevant to decision making and the communication of the results of the analysis to management. Market research is used to fulfil three functional roles: * Descriptive function – Includes gathering and presenting statements of fact * Diagnostic function – Data or actions of a particular market are explained * Predictive function – Allows an advantage to use opportunities as they arise in the changing environment Market research helps the organisation balance these three areas to provide the highest quality and most useful information for decision making. As a result the organisation can use market research to answer key questions: * What are the strategic issues and problems most impacting our clients/staff and how do we translate this knowledge of opportunities into action * What are the programs and services that provide the most value to our clients/staff * What opportunities exist for our organisation and how do we target and take advantage of these opportunities * How can we best modify the marketing and implementation of our programs and services to more effectively target our clients within the market The value and purpose of market research within the organisation is to understand the relationship between the organisation and its clients so the correct questions can deliver useful information necessary for decision making, and understanding how information is used during implementation so that the proper conclusions can be drawn from collected data. METHODOLOGIES AND STAREGIES THAT WOULD BE USED TO:

Conduct desk research:
Our organisation and the private sector of our business use desk research to monitor and examine...
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