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MA Design (ADM Pathway) / Semester 2 12/13
Module: Final Major Project / Module code: ARTD 6081

Easter Brief: FMP Presentations + 500 words summary

Brief set: 11.3.13
Deadline: 16.4.13 & 17.4.13

Dr Cui Su

Giulia Zaniol

Julian Gee

By now you should all be familiar with how to write a research proposal. An exemplar research proposal by last year’s top student is uploaded on BB for your reference. This Easter task is to help prepare you for your research proposal submission and completing the FMP project itself. After Easter you will deliver an individual presentation on your FMP topic and we will give you feedback, which you can use to develop your proposal for submission. There are two parts to this task:

1. Produce no more than FIVE Powerpoint slides and prepare a 5-minute presentation. Slides should follow this structure: a. Student name, title + subtitle of FMP
b. Six lines describing Industry context
c. Six lines describing management issue
d. Early Literature Review / Theoretical framework (naming at least two authors) e. Research aims and questions

*Remember: you can propose primary qualitative research but NOT primary quantitative research. If using secondary research, both qualitative and quantitative sources are okay.

2. Write a 500-word summary with further details of your slides A - E. Include a separate reference list. Try to fit it all into one page, use single-line paragraph spacing if necessary. Please see Blackboard “FMP Easter Brief” for a sample of what your summary should look like using dummy text.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this learning activity, you will be able to:
* Identify, explain and effectively articulate a feasible research topic as a basis for your FMP research proposal based on initial review of relevant academic literature.

1. three copies x Powerpoint slides printed handout [5 slides on one page] 2. three copies x printed 500 word summary [one page]
3. three copies x printed reference list [Harvard reference style] [Staple all these together]

You should also email all the above to us and we will be archiving them in your individual folders on Blackboard for future reference when we have your supervisions meetings over summer.

The schedule of presentations will be published on Blackboard. Please check it to find out your time slot. Make sure a printout of your one-page FMP summary plan is ready for your tutors during your presentation for easy reference.

You will receive oral feedback from tutors at your presentation.

Books & Recommended Sources – refer to your Design 1 & 2 and Research Skills handbooks

Journals / Databases [accessible from overseas via VPN]
WARC [especially research papers]
Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies
Google Scholar
New Media & Society
Social Text Journal (Duke University Press)
Journal of Consumer Culture
Journal of Brand Management
Journal of Interactive Advertising
International Journal of Research in Marketing
Theory, Culture & Society
The China Quarterly
Advertising & Society Review (online available via TDNet in the Library)

FMP 500 word Summary Format
Name: Date:
Title of FMP:

Industry Context
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