Literary Analysis of Harrison Bergeron

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Speech 101

1. Select a topic, which is a problem of current interest that requires your audience to TAKE ACTION. Avoid overworked topics with which most audiences are already familiar with. Pick what you are or will be passionate about. As you choose your topic, made sure you select an issue that you believe in enough to do something about yourself AND something that you would like others to believe in and do! Keep in mind that you have to PERSUADE us to take ACTION – not just: “believe” in your topic. Try to pick a charitable organization or something that need help by your community.

2. Your presentation must be 5-7 minutes long; 10 points per minute will be deducted for speeches shorter than 5 minutes or longer than 7 minutes.

3. Your MUST utilize MONROE’S MOTIVATED SEQUENCE OF EVENTS to organize and present your presentation. Your outline should identify each of the steps in the sequence – and your presentation should be presented in this sequence. This organization method has been discussed in class as well as your textbook.

4. At least on bibliographical entry from each of the following sources must be utilized in preparing for your presentation:

a. Any “statistical “ reference work such as the Statistical Abstract of the United States, Facts on File, information Please Almanac, Webster’s New Geographical Dictionary, etc. Online versions of these references may be used, but you must have the entire URL address in you bibliography. b. An article from a MAJOR CITY NEWSPAPER. Online versions of newspapers may be consulted, but you must have the entire URL address in your bibliography.

5. You must make at least FIVE references to your sources during your presentation.

6. A handout must be incorporated in the ACTION Step of your presentation. This could possibly be a list of places to donate to, volunteer at, send letters of support to, etc. (Don’t just say “oh yeah,...
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