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Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand in the world and has been closely identified with notions of consumption and democracy in the United States. It’s commercially successful over the following decades that by the time of the Second World War it was seen as such an evocative symbol of the American way of life that the company undertook to supply American troops with the drink wherever they were, thus maintaining morale. A similar strategy was repeated in the Korean and Vietnam Wars."Cola wars” has been identified with Pepsi-Cola as its fierce competitor is still continuing until today but then Coca-Cola remained as the world's preeminent soft drink. The world's most widely distributed product at that time, "Coca-Cola" was reputedly the second best-known word on Earth after "okay”.

The Philippines’ very own Coca Cola company has been creating a great name here with its product varieties, its classic media advertisements or as a trending on the social networking sites because of the programs it’s hosting. Surely, Coke has really conquered the Filipinos taste buds when it comes to soft drinks. The latest Coca-Cola Philippines’ billboard along EDSA made The Huffington Post’s Green section on June 28. Coca-Cola Philippines constructed the billboard in conjunction with their “Live Positively” sustainability program. The Fukien tea plants are expected to grow quickly, completely covering the billboard surface and absorbing a total of 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. ( Company Background

The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, and is often referred to simply as Coke (a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company in the United States since March 27, 1944). Coca-Cola has evolved from a standard soft drink into one that has many varieties and flavors available on the market such as Coca-Cola, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola , Coca-Cola Cherry, New Coke/"Coca-Cola II", Coca-Cola with Lemon, Coca-Cola Vanilla , Coca-Cola C2, Coca-Cola with Lime, Coca-Cola Raspberry, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola M5, Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla, Coca-Cola Blāk, Coca-Cola Citra, Coca-Cola Light Sango, Coca-Cola Orange.

Its classic bottle shape is a familiar trademark everywhere. Coca-Cola has continued to be one of the largest soft drink producers in the world. Throughout its lengthy history, this soft drink has evolved into the favored beverage that it is today. Coca-Cola remains a popular drink that people around the world enjoy.

Information and studies shows that soft drinks can be harmful if consumed excessively, particularly to young children whose soft drink consumption competes with, rather than complements, a balanced diet despite it having a diet and light version that is why the researchers came up with determining the customer satisfaction on the taste of Coca Cola Soda in Makati City to be able to make a proposal for enhancement for the said product.( The purpose of this study is to know the level of satisfaction of consumers of Soda as part of the soft drink intake thus giving way to the researcher to propose a product enhancement which may not just help the company itself but also the customers who wanted daily intake but are conscious about its health risk. It will also seek to understand and highlight the factors affecting health and wellness.

Statement of the problem
The main purpose of the study is to determine the customer satisfaction on the taste of Coca Cola Soda as perceived by selected respondents in Makati City. Specifically it will seek to the answer the following questions;

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents?
1.1 gender
1.2 age
2. What are the factors affecting the customer satisfaction?
2.1 Taste
2.2 Promotions
2.3 Nutritional value
2.4 Price
2.5 Availability
3. Is there a significant relationship between the marketing 4P’s and factors affecting the...
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