Coke Zero Case Study

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Case Study Analysis
Coke Zero

Facts or size up
* In both 2005 and 2006 sales of Coca Cola products dropped * Diet Coke plus was launched in 2007
* People were becoming increasing health conscience and no longer drank full calorie drinks quite as often * Diet coke tend to marketed towards women and thus the men were left out * Coke Zero’s name was chosen so as to not associate the word “diet” with the drink * Because of the Australia design of the product the US markets decided to make the can black and silver in the states as well and that is when Coke Zero really took off * Coca Cola currently invests more money into Coke Zero’s brand than any other in hopes of growing the product even more Marketing Strategy

* Currently Coke Zero is targeted towards the male 18-34 age group since this is the most underutilized coke consumer group * They are also currently marketing it as a “younger”, “newer” drink that taste almost exactly like the original but refused to call it the “diet” version * Using the term zero as opposed to diet was thought to appeal to the demographic they were seeking * Strength – the consumer demographic they are targeting is new and by not referring to the product as “diet” men will be more likely to try it out. Weakness – Many people today are shying away from soft drinks all together, whether they are diet or not. Opportunities – new demographic, so plenty of new opportunities are available if successful. Threats – With so many other soda companies out there the likely hood of a “copycat” zero drink is high. Problems

* One of the largest problems they have is the fact that people are drinking less soda today than they have in the past. I know in our home we have cut back considerably on our soda consumption and I know plenty of others who have done the same. Any way you slice it the drink still is a diet drink and some men simply will not try it because of that reason alone. Discussion


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