MGT 498 Week 3 Environmental Scan Memo

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Environmental Scan Memorandum
Environmental Scan Memorandum
interoffice memorandum




Invented in Atlanta in 1886, the flagship Coca-Cola was the only beverage sold for almost 70 years. A bottler from Italy began selling Fanta Orange in 1955 in which we began our expansion. Since then we have added beverage selections in wider varieties along with portion sizes for our consumers as we believe every lifestyle, life stage and life occasion should be offered an assortment of beverages. Currently we sell over “500 beverage brands in over 200 countries which amounts to 3,500 beverages in numerous categories. These categories include regular, low-and no-calorie sparkling beverages, fruit juices and fruit drinks, bottled water, sports and energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas and coffee” (, 2014). Direct Competitors

PepsiCo, Inc. merged with Frit-lay in 1965 in which expanded their various beverage categories to include snacks such as Fritos corn chips, Lay’s brand chips. Cheetos brand, Rold Gold brand pretzels and Ruffles brand chips. Since then they continue to merge or acquire majority stakes in various companies in order to remain competitive through their global food and beverage products and services (, 2014). The Dr Pepper Snapple Group became a publicly-traded and stand-alone company on the New York Stock Exchange on May 7, 2008. This was the result of Cadbury, plc spin off in which Americas Beverages group of business entities was held by Cadbury Schweppes. DPS integrated business model enables them to market more than 50 brands of premium beverages consisting of teas and juices; waters and mixers, and carbonated soft drinks as they manage the entire value chain from innovation to the shelves of stores (, 2014). Internal and External Environments

Our management contains our internal business environment and its effects through ensuring that are resources, capabilities and activities are put in place within the proper areas such as effective communication networks, proper organizational skills, and effectiveness in the production procedure. Our intangible resources are abundant and include brand recognition, trade secrets and culture. We have always been the leader in the soda market due to our strengths in these areas. We conduct assessments of our operations which effectively monitors and manages our internal environment in order to respond appropriately to any ineffectiveness with our consumer and production procedures. We are aware of the achievements and threats in the market place created through alterations in our external environment which is more powerful than our internal business environment because they can affect the entire company or economy. These aspects include instabilities in the economy, customer attitudes, and demographic patterns in which customer reception can be affected (, 2014). Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage has always been a strong franchise system of our business globally and with the acceleration of the “transformation of our unique United States system in ways that will establish a clear path to achieve our 2020 Vision of creating a more agile, modern, customer-focused franchise business partnership model. The key elements of our evolving United States operating model include a more rational and contiguous operating territories, granting of exclusive territory rights and the sale by Coca-Cola Refreshments of distribution assets and cold drink equipment, finished goods model under which production assets will remain with Coca-Cola Refreshments, which would facilitate future implementation of a national product supply system, improved, more integrated information technology platform and new beverage agreements that supports the evolving operating model .Our competitive advantage lies in the United States system in which the speed of an...

References: (2014). 2020 Sustainability Commitments: Our Sustainability framework. Retrieved from (2013, April 16). Press Center: Implementation of 21st Century Beverage Partnership Model in the United States. Retrieved from (2014). Company: History. Retrieved from (2014). Company: Our History. Retrieved from (2014). Coca-Cola History: Coca-Cola Beverages and Products. Retrieved from
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