Market Analysis of New Furniture Business Plan

Topics: Management, European Union, Marketing Pages: 17 (4703 words) Published: March 27, 2011

1. Executive Summary2
2. Introduction2-3
3. Literature Review 4
4. Operation Management 5
4.1 Operating Expenses6
4.2 Location and Layout of Plant7-8
4.3 Supply Chain8
5. Marketing 9-11
6. Outsourcing12
1. Reason for choosing Contractor’s12
2. Multi skilled12
7. Benchmarking12
1. Measuring Perfomance 12-13
2. Certification13
3. Standard Service13
8. Profitability13
9. Productivity and Profit ability planning14
1. Productivity14
10. Staffing Issues and Total Quality Management Issues 15 1. Human Resource Issues 15-16
11. Competitive Priorities 16-18
12. Swot Analysis 18
1. Strength 18-19
2. Weakness19
3. Opportunities19
4. Threats20
13. Conclusion21
14. References22



This research has been done on the basis of market analysis for laying down a new furniture business plan, technical, financial, supply chain and economic factors. Implementations of crucial decisions are very important in respect of business location and layout, supply chain, raw materials supply and designing the product, planning for production. Operational management, staffing, marketing of the products and services, outsourcing and benchmarking illustrated properly. Financial side for the new furniture plant in Malaysia and selling goods in European Union (EU) has been illustrated properly.


Research activity entails the recognition of information that was not formerly known or understood, or the development of a new understanding about the subject issue. The purpose of the operations plan is to concentrate on the areas which are important for opening a new business in the Malaysian market and there are various factors which have been considered like location, financial status, staffing, how to produce products, cash flow, inventory demand and managing supply chain system. It is important to make a proper business plan which plays a vital role in an industry to set up a new business so that operations side can take place with proper facilities considering the market segmentation. It should be written document which should define the nature of the business, company strategy, financial or capital investment for opening a new company and can show company’s profit and loss statement with facts and figures. It’s a planning which helps an organisation to allocate their resources at the right places, focussing on the key points and can help the company to look ahead and grow in the market.

Main objective of the company is to establish their furniture manufacturing process unit in Malaysia and organise financial system, demand and supply of the products according to the consumers demand by implementing market research method which can result in profitability for the company and can make their consumers satisfy with the products and services provided by them. Operations management will have to focus on everything step by step which can help them to build up a strong relationship between local wood suppliers, distributors and the staff working under this company. They also need to focus onto their finance and accounting system, supply budgeting system and accounts payable management to the suppliers which can help in continuing growth and known in the European Union market. It can help the organisation to get establish in the Malaysia so that business can rise properly in European Union market and turn into high profit ratio and achieve the company’s...

Operation management illustrated by Stevenson (2004) is running process and particular aspects of the organisation
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