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This is assignment will require to explain the underlying principles behind the main marketing theories, it will also require an in-depth application, analysis and evaluation of a good or service that is currently available both in the UK market and in the international market. The Product that will be analyses within the assignment is The Coca Cola Company (CCC).


“Business idea or philosophy based on the importance of profit, consumer satisfaction and the welfare of the general public.” [5] Collin, P (1997)

The Coca Cola Company is one the biggest successful soft drink company that offers 3,500 various diverse products to over 200 countries worldwide. The company originated in 1889 by pharmacist Dr John Pemberton. Dr Pemberton carried out a jug of Coca Cola syrup at his Jacob Pharmacy in Atlanta USA. [3]

Marketing Mix
Marketing mix can be defined as the combination of elements in an organisation’s offering the market; ‘offerings’ being either products or service. These elements were identified as Product, Price, Place and Promotion in early versions of the mix. As result, they are known as the Four Ps.


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The marketing mix combines many factors, but consumers view marketing effort in more tangible terms of the product. It is important for marketers to recognise that much of the ‘want-satisfying’ nature of the product is derived from consumers perceptions. The true nature of the product is how the consumer perceives it, and not what the company would like it to be. CCC product first started in 1886, when they were originally made as soda fountain drink. The company has now expanded over to 3,500 diverse product (see picture above). They offer a wide range product form soft drinks to tea drinks to bottle water. The typical famous packaging of red and white CCC products is a world recognised. The coca cola company is the most sold soft drink across worldwide. Its not only sold business to business (b2b) such as sold in restaurants, pubs and convenience stores but also sold business to consumer (b2c) such as supermarkets, vending machines and other service shops. [3]

Price is a potent element of the marketing mix because of its direct impact on customers, the company and the economy. To the consumer, price is a major indication of quality and an important factor in the decision making process. For CCC, the price at which the product is sold represents the means of recouping cost and making profit. There are various ways to price coca cola product, depending on the retailer. Supermarkets may put coca cola on promotion one week and then Pepsi the following, as they always like to stay one step ahead of their competition. It is a way to keep consumers on their toes. There is no set price for CCC, but usually the prices are based on growing rates. [8] p27

Place concerns activities need to move the product from the seller to the buyer and its origin is in the word ‘placement’. The coca cola company sell their various products over numerous countries worldwide. They have more brand products than Pepsi, Tango RC Cola put together. Although coca cola produces the product, they cannot be held responsible how the products are distributed across the countries. They can only rely on the suppliers following the strict guidelines set out by coca cola. [8] p31

Promotion is perhaps the element of the marketing mix that is most subject to variation. For some product it may play a minimal role, but, for other, marketing strategy may be almost entirely based on promotion. In consumer markets, promotion often has the highest budget allocation of all mix elements. For this reason it receives much attention as a marketing function. CCC promotional strategies are to make the consumers think they have control over what they are drinking and accomplishing there needs of thirst. On each bottle, coca cola encourages consumers to go to their website to learn...

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