Maria Full Of Grace Reaching the

Topics: Puerto Rico, United States, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: January 3, 2015
Maria Full Of Grace & Reaching the Promised Land
The article reaching "Reaching the Promised Land" talks about people from Dominican republic migrating to Puerto Rico so that they can easily come to the United States, since Puerto Rico was property of the United States since 1898, getting to Puerto Rico was an easy gateway ticket to the United States. Most of the people, women especially, migrated from Dominican Republic because of harsh standard of living there. Pushing the women to endure dangerous journeys to reach Puerto Rico. Factors that led them to that was due to the idea of free trade, people believed everybody should have access to the market despite social class and poverty. Like most women’s migrating from Domican Republic to Puerto Rico, a girl name Maria Alverez went through the same difficult and dangerous journey from Columbia to the United States for a better opportunity. The Movie, Maria Full Of Grace is about a seventeen-year old girl, María Álvarez. Because Maria had to provide fir her family, like many of those Dominican women from “Reaching the promised Land:, Maria is not finishing school and contemplating college, she is working in a flower shop removing thorns from roses with a controlling boss in a sweatshop environment. She handed her paycheck over to her family with disregard to her own personal needs. Maria’s family is dependent on her wages as a form of survival. When Maria finds out she is pregnant, she decides she wants a better life for her unborn child. She is fed up with how her boss treats her so she quits, and faces the guilt from her family. When she is presented with the opportunity earn 5,000 US dollars, the risks are not seen as being relevant. For a better life for her baby, she risk her and her baby’s life as a drug transporter. There is also a big risk with the job itself. This journey is about three girls, Lucy, who has done this twice before. Maria was the one who appears brave and stable and Blanca, who...
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