Margin Call

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The Responsibility Project

The Entrepreneurial Spirit
In society today there seems to be a social stigma surrounding the idea of doing right by our bother’s and sisters. Some would call it having good or bad social responsibility. This of course it derived by an individual’s ethical point-of-view. What some would perceive as doing the right thing, others might feel it is not there responsibility.

In the short film I chose, The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Austin Black, it talks about giving back to a community. In this case it is giving back to Detroit, Michigan and the run down community, trying to build a better future for tomorrow. Detroit is a very architecturally rich and diverse place to live, with humble beginnings back in the 1670’s. Mr. Austin Black grew up in Detroit and was always fascinated by the architecture and surrounding buildings. Over the years he has watched as allot of the rich heritage and buildings decline and become abandoned. In turn it has inspired him to become a real estate broker and open his own business in the attempts to give back to the community. In Mr. Black’s words, “The city is now going through a reinvention of, what do we become?” As the city begins the process of rebuilding and putting those old builds back into use, he intends to show the people that the city of Detroit is a viable place to live through opening there eye’s with the rich heritage and then selling the newly renovated properties. This in turn would bring life back to the community, as he sells and makes available new properties, then new business’s will prosper and commerce will begin to grow again. This will also provide new opportunities for employment, bringing more development of homes for future and returning families to reside with in Detroit.

If you look upon the acts of Mr. Black and dive into the overall goal he pursues, you have to ask about the challenges he might face to achieve that goal. While growing up in any community, you


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