Mao Zedong Essay

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Global history
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Mao Zedong Hero or Villain?!

Through out all of history we have seen so many heroes and villains all over the world. But one place in particular was in China, with a leader who goes by the name of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong was a well-known communist leader in china who actually lead the Chinese Communist Party. He is one of the most important people/historical figures in history. At first he was helping China at the beginning of his ruling, nut then his actions had cause China to completely fall and breakout into violence and complete chaos!! Changing the views of his people because whatever good he had done did not matter anymore from his great down fall. During his ruling though some believed that Mao was a hero others believed he was a villain, but which one was he? In my opinion after all the facts I have discovered I truly believe Mao Zedong was a Villain! He led china into an economic downfall and killed over 78 million people, that is more than the amount of people Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler combined! When Mao Zedong first began he was very well known in china \ as a great revolutionary and a military leader/mastermind, Mao Zedong had led the communist party of China to victory against the nationalist party in the Chinese Civil war. And after he set his policies in play Mao Zedong had officially transformed China into a major world power when he first started ruling. However, Mao Zedong made quite a few “errors” or mistakes while he was leading the country of China. One of his major errors was “The Great Leap Forward” and also the “Cultural Revolution” which had caused major disaster in China. The Great Leap Forward was a social plan used from the years 1958 to 1961 which used China’s massive population to quickly change China from a peasant farming economy into a modern communist society. And during the process of the Great Leap Forward Communes were built/set up during time. It was a way to manage and control all resources. Many people were moved from there homes into a these communes. In a commune, everything must be shared there was no exception, no one owned a single thing everyone was forced to share and do everything together. All household items were used and shared in a way that contributed to the commune in many ways like animals and also for food. And everyone cooked together in the same space and everyone ate together at what was known as a “communal dining.”. Also farming jobs were assigned to all the people every single day. But in realization the communes in fact were actually poorly governed and taken note of. But later a lack of managing the food and also a series of bad weather caused a major famine from 1958 to 1960 causing the rising number of deaths of many people. The Cultural Revolution however was a reform movement in China meaning to change something for the better by removing its faults or completely changing its form and quickly began after the failure of the Great Leap Forward because many people of china had begun to start asking questions and questioning Mao Zedong’s true abilities after such an economic downfall. And during the year 1965 they wanted to remove and get rid of any counterrevolutionary elements that were within in China. The intelligent and bright thinkers and teachers of china were there targets. As well as many people considered unwanted by the government, had resulted from these two movements alone and caused many million deaths to occur within the country of China. Which is why Mao Zedong in my eyes is considered a Villain! Mao Zedong has is believed by many people including myself to be known as a true Villain, and one of the worst, most evil villain’s to be exact after all the death and destruction he had caused in China. And I am not alone with my statement because according to Document #1: Mao Zedong was blamed for causing all sever damage that was brought to china both economical, societal, and as well as...
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