Managing strategic change

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Table of contents: Task Contents1 Understand the background to 1.1 discuss models of strategic changeorganisational strategic change 1.2 evaluate the relevance of models of strategic change to organisations in the current economy 1.3 assess the value of using strategic intervention techniques in organisations2 Understand issues relating to 2.1 examine the need for strategic change instrategic change in an an organisationorganisation 2.2 assess the factors that are driving the need for strategic change in an organisation 2.3 assess the resource implications of the organisation not responding to strategic change3 Be able to lead stakeholders in 3.1 develop systems to involve stakeholdersdeveloping a strategy for change in the planning of change 3.2 develop a change management strategy with stakeholders 3.3 evaluate the systems used to involve stakeholders in the planning of change 3.4 create a strategy for managing resistance to change4 Be able to plan to implement 4.1 develop appropriate models for changemodels for ensuring ongoingchange 4.2 plan to implement a model for change 4.3 develop appropriate measures to monitor progress IntroductionStrategic marketing deals with the big picture marketing planning. It analyzes how acompany can best satisfy its customers and make a profit at it. Strategic marketing planning isdirected from the top of the company and is extremely important in any for-profitorganization. Several key principles govern strategic marketing.Understand the Marketplace and Consumer A company must identify the sources of demand for its products and closely analyze thecompetitive landscape in which it wants the consumer to prefer its products over those ofcompetitors.The company must divide potential customers into segments and find ways to best satisfythem. Each segment may require a distinct marketing mix.Deliver ValueWhile satisfying individual consumer segments and gaining market share is important, thecompany must add value to be successful in the long term. Strategic marketing planning mustbe build on a strong foundation---a company has to deliver a tangible benefit to theconsumers of its products.Task 1.1: Discuss models of strategic changeA strategic planning model is more about a different approach to the project. Its aboutstepping back from the execution-mode in order to examine and evaluate it from a differentangle.In the traditional project cycle the monitoring and evaluation was done towards the end of theproject. This model changes that by considering on-going monitoring and frequent evaluationas vital parts of the implementation stage for a successful project. Its important to recognizewhat is working and what needs to be changed on time. As a manager you need to becomestrategic and view your project from different lenses. If you focus only the execution part andthe day-to-day tasks, how do you know that the selected project tools are workingeffectively? How do you measure the quality of what you are doing? What are yourindicators?In order to create a strategic management model that will support the current implementationand the long-term impact of the project start with the following questions:- What is the purpose of the project?- How do all the activities we are implementing relate to its purpose?- Are we sticking to the project plan? - What have evolved or changed from when we started? Why?- How it would it look like in 3 years? What would be the impact?- How do we measure impact? What qualitative and quantitative indicators exist to back-upour success?- Who benefits from our project? Are they winners and are they losers? Why?  In the WCO Compendium the perspectives being handled are limited to two recognizable and widespread models: • The Planned Change Management model • The Organic Change Management modelBoth models are introduced, although the Organic Change Management model is handled inmore detail. By taking the Organic Change Management model as the foundation, it will bepossible to...
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