Management Theory

Topics: Management, Scientific management, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1572 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Assessment Part 2: Management theory essay (individual)
Classical Viewpoint
This report will focus on the classic viewpoint style of management, and how this may be able to assist Quik Clips hairdressing in becoming more profitable and successful by introducing key aspects that the classical viewpoint entails. I will also contrast this with another well know viewpoint behavioural giving a brief summary the key elements and the key similarities and differences between the two contrasting styles , of it and how also that could benefit Quik Clips hair dressing from a management perspective. Using both types of viewpoints which differ greatly I will be able to guide Quik Clips in the correct direction so that they can become successful and profitable in the future. For the classical viewpoint I will be looking at the key aspects which include scientific, administrative and bureaucratic management approaches also what all these approaches are based around and the key focus of the total classical viewpoint.(Bartol pg41) Classical viewpoint the main focus is to get the most out of your workers, emphasising ways to mange work and organise more efficiently, it involves three main management approaches which include scientific, administrative and bureaucratic. The scientific management approach focuses on the worker efficiency through scientific study of work methods , developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor why he developed this was because he saw a trend among his workers. Which he labelled soldiering which he defines as workers deliberately working at less than full capacity, he saw this problem as much deeper then workers just not working hard but the incentives for the workers to work hard and the way they were managed meant many did not work as hard as they could just for this soul purpose. Taylor began to create the scientific management approach where by he followed four main points the first, scientifically study each part of each task and develop the best...
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