Prison Management Styles

Topics: Management, Criminal justice, Management styles Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Management Styles
Raechellee Noland
American Intercontinental University

Organizations and businesses alike all have managers and management styles that they abide by. Some may be company policy; while others seem to be implemented by the manager’s themselves. In this paper, three different management styles are explained; Scientific, human relations, and systems management styles. All have been used in different organizations, and some are still used today. In order for a business to effectively succeed in their goals, a certain management style needs to be used.

Management Styles
The key to making any kind of business work depends on management and how management or managers manage the companies they work for. There are several different management styles that people have, however, this paper will focus mostly on three different styles; Scientific, human relations, and systems management. Scientific Management

Scientific management, which is said to of been made by Frederick Taylor who first did time and motion studies, is the first management style out of the three and was mostly used in the early 1900s. (Peak, 2012). The focus of scientific management laid down the fundamental principles of large-scale manufacturing through assembly-line factories. It emphasized standardization and rationalization of work through division of labor, time and motion studies, and measurement. This was also known as “Taylorism.” (Backer, 1998). In Frederick’s early days, he worked in the steel mills and was eventually hired as chief engineer. After years of working he became interested in coming up with different methods for greater productivity in workers, so he recommended giving hourly breaks among other methods. Taylor’s way soon proved to be a drastic change to the work force with the cut in manufactured goods, and wages getting increased. (Backer, 2012). Scientific management became more widely known after World War I when managers moved into more...
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