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BTEC Short Courses
Edexcel Level 7 BTEC Advanced Professional Award, Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies

January 2007

Tutor support materials

Edexcel Level 7 BTEC Advanced Professional Award, Certificate and Diploma in

Management Studies

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Structure of the support materials


Teaching, learning and assessment
Teaching/learning Assessment

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Unit 1: Advanced Professional Development Unit 2: Managing Change in Organisations Unit 3: Management Research — Project and Presentation

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These support materials are intended to assist the tutor in planning, teaching and assessing the Edexcel Level 7 BTEC Advanced Professional Award, Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies.

Structure of the support materials
Support materials are provided for each unit. The support materials contain the following sections. Introduction to unit: This section gives the background to the unit, a summary of the learning outcomes for the unit and its links with other units. Suggested delivery/activity schedule: This section breaks each unit into a number of topic areas that could form the basis of a learning plan. The number of areas will depend on the subject. Topic areas encompass all the content, outcomes and assessment criteria of the unit. The topic areas are a coherent and comprehensive plan of delivery; however, there is no absolute sequence of delivery and tutors should adopt the plan according to the needs of their learners. For example, tutors may consider that some topics are better taught together or that some need to be split further because of the amount of content. Each topic identifies appropriate content and gives guidance on delivery. In addition, a number of activities, assessments and additional resources are suggested. Suggested learning activities: This section gives examples of learning activities. These can be selected and used by the tutor to achieve coverage of all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the unit. The activities are designed to either enable or confirm learning. Tutors should be able to use or adapt these activities in a classroom situation or in another appropriate environment to help learners’ understanding of the knowledge that is being delivered. Some activities require background research by the learner prior to the activity. Opportunities for the generation of evidence for key skills are given for each activity. Further notes for tutors, and support materials to enable the completion of the learning activities, are also included. Suggested assessment activities: These supplement the learning activities and can be used to meet a number of outcomes. The suggested assessment activities are for guidance purposes only and are not intended to be prescriptive.

Tutor support materials –...
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