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Assessment Task 1: Risk review


Submit a completed written report?

Submit notes of meeting (including feedback) with manager/supervisor (assessor)?

Submit a draft communication to be used with stakeholders?

Submit report and accompanying documents in agreed timeframe?

Performance indicators

Scope – covering at least the following.
a. Project – MacVille to expand their operations in Queensland and purchase and re-brand an existing cafe in Toowoomba.
b. Business unit – MacVille Cafes Queensland.
c. Risk in relation to functions – human resources management, financial operations, OHS, supply chain, local governance and compliance issues.

Goals – should include some of the following.
a. To appropriately manage the risks involved with the operation of the Toowoomba store. b. To give the new manager significant insights into the store’s operations. c. To ensure there is a smooth transition to the MacVille systems. d. To encourage the new manager to give ongoing support for risk management.

See stakeholder feedback table in Appendix.

a. PEST analysis should include at least the following.
i. Political – federal legislation concerning efficient water usage, by-law allowing cafes to expand their footpath dinning.
ii. Economic – gross regional product growth of 8.9%, number of visitors down 18%. iii. Social – place for retirees, population growing.
iv. Technology - WIFI in cafe, an innovative frozen par-bake cooking system, Federal Government’s National Broadband Network.
b. SWOT analysis should include at least the following.
i. Strengths – store on the corner of the two main streets of the city, innovative and popular range of rice wraps.
ii. Weaknesses – the lack of sales promotion techniques, fit-out in parts looked old and unattractive.


Opportunities – opportunities for opening more cafes in the surrounding shopping centres, by-law allowing cafes to expand their footpath dinning.

iv. Threats – international chain of coffee shops opening a store in the Toowoomba

CBD, legislation concerning efficient water usage.

Research information should include the source, primary/secondary data, key information gathered.
a. Site visit with James Mansfield – primary data – store operations (fit-out, cash handling, promotions, employment, water usage).
b. Interview with Ron Langford – primary data – external environment (by-laws, government legislation, economic, expansion options, competition, technology plans). c. Extract from Toowoomba regional council – secondary data - economic indicators (tourist numbers, unemployment, population growth, regional growth). d. Extract from MacVille NSW – secondary data – key problems (problems with acquiring and re-branding existing stores).

Checklists, flowcharts and diagrams should include the following. a. Human resources management risk.
i. No written policy and procedures manual and limited staff training – could lead to errors and inappropriate actions.
ii. Authorisation system not clearly defined – could lead to fraud. iii. Lack of sales promotion techniques – impacts of the stores financial viability. b. Financial operations risk.
i. No separation of duties – could lead to fraud.
ii. The banking was not done every day and was kept on the premises overnight without a safe – assets not protected could lead to thief. iii. Not all takings from the cash register by family staff members were recorded – unacceptable behaviour in a company store and could lead to misappropriation of funds.

c. OHS risk.
i. Manager two hour drive to and from weekly manager’s meeting – could lead to physical injury.
ii. Unstable and broken chairs – customers injured – compliance breach and customer suing, reputation loss.
iii. Carpet that was worn through was simply taped over with gaffer tape - compliance

breach and customer suing, reputation loss.
iv. No...
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