Management of Diversity

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When most people envision diversity, the first things which come to mind are age, sexual orientation, race and gender. In Workforce America! Managing Employee Diversity as a Vital Resource, diversity is defined as: “otherness or those human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups to which we belong, yet present in other individuals and groups.” “The dimensions of diversity are further expanded but not limited to: age, ethnicity, gender, race, physical abilities/qualities, sexual orientation, education, geographical location, income, marital status, religion, work experience, military involvement.” (Loden and Rosener 1991; 18-19)

Principles and Objectives

To address diversity issues directly one must question: What policies, practices or current strategies within our organizational culture have differential impact on different groups? What organizational changes should be made to meet the requirements of a modern diverse workforce and maximize the potential of all workers?

The Key Principles and objectives of The Organizational Diversity Plan are as follows: * Promote awareness of workplace diversity within the organization (acceptance) * Develop and maintain a highly skilled and efficient workforce where the value and motivation of employees is present across the board * Develop a supportive environment where staff have a balance between work and their personal life * Provide a prejudice and harassment free working environment * Include diversity management principles in recruitment processes

The Solution

Acceptance of diversity:

First and foremost, management must acknowledge that their working environment encompasses a wide variety of people. It is often difficult to see what part diversity plays in a specific area of management and how it relates to the...

Bibliography: Loden and Rosener – 1991
Oxford University Human Resources Department
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