Management Information System (or Systems) Within an Organization.

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Management Information Systems are tools designed
to improve management decisions. A changing user
population, technology enhancement transformation of
scholarly communication system, digital libraries, new
approaches to management, renewed commitment to
planning and assessment, financial constraints, declining
budget, information gluts, constant change in IT ,web
services, reader’s expectations for 24 x 7 services, time
shortage etc are compelling MIS to be mandatory in
libraries. The present Study offers measures to library
effectiveness & automation, offers tools for better reader
services through integrated & collaborative working of
neighboring libraries, and projects Management
Information System as the tool for realizing expectations
from libraries of modern world.
As per guidelines of National Knowledge Commission
Report 2009 , UGC and NAAC recommendations,
creation of Knowledge Grid and resource sharing among
university libraries of Chhattisgarh has been suggested.
Present status of MIS in 8 University Libraries of
Chhattisgarh has been studied and model has been
proposed for MIS and resource sharing among them.
Impact of IT on libraries, exponential growth of
information, applications of MIS in libraries, and its
significance and performance measurement has been
elaborated. A Software has been designed that enables
MIS through integrated database.
Keywords: MIS, performance measurements, resource
sharing, University Libraries, knowledge grid.
Libraries are the carriers of civilization. Without books,
history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled,
thought and speculation at a standstill. Without
libraries, the development of civilization would have
been impossible; they are the engines of change.
National Knowledge Commission Report (2006-2009)
has very clearly mentioned that Academic libraries
play a pivotal role in dissemination of knowledge and
are an extremely important element of the foundation
Management Information Systems in University
Libraries of Chhattisgarh
Mohammed Imtiaz Ahmed
Assistant Librarian
Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University
Raipur (C.G.), India
e-mail ID
of a knowledge economy. There is widespread
agreement that there is an urgent need for reform in
the Libraries and Information Service (LIS) sector.
Several initiatives in this regard have already been
taken by the Government. NKC has consulted
extensively with diverse stakeholders including a
Working Group of experts and professionals. NKC’s
recommendations for formulating strategies in the LIS
sector are as follows:
Libraries should be so organized and the staff so
trained that they become relevant to user communities
(including special groups) in every respect. Also, to
optimize resources, efforts should be made to
synergize the strengths of different types of libraries
through innovative collaboration. NKC proposes the
creation of a model Library Charter, a list of services
to be performed by libraries, a Library Network and a
National Repository for Bibliographic Records.
NKC also recommends that the catalogues of all
libraries should be put on local state and national
website with necessary linkages. This will enable
networking of different types of libraries and setting
up of a National Repository of Bibliographic Records
and a centralized collaborative virtual enquiry-handling
system using the latest ICT. To enable equitable and
universal access to knowledge resources, libraries
should be encouraged to create more digital resources
by digital resources by digitizing relevant reading
material in different languages, which can be shared
at all levels. Peer-reviewed research papers resulting
from publicly funded research should also be made
available through open access channels, subject to
copyright regulations. It is recommended that open
standards and free and open source...

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