Management Information Systems

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The objective of an MIS (Management Information System) is to provide information for decision making on planning, initiating, organizing, and controlling the operations of the subsystems of the form and to provide a synergetic organization in the process. Decision Support System: It is sometimes described as the next evolutionary step after Management Information Systems (MIS) . MIS support decision making in both structured and unstructured problem environments.. It supports decision making at all levels of the organization .IS (Information Systems) are intended to be woven into the fabric of the organizations , not standing alone. IS support all aspects of the decision making process.MIS are made of people, computers, procedures, databases, interactive query facilities and so on. They are intended to be evolutionary/adaptive and easy for people to use. The human intelligence is closely related with the human experience and decision making skills which is strongly backed by information's. Now a day's in every field of human working right information is considered as the most important resource of good decision making. Every organization runs by the managers of organization, who are making decisions in every step of organizational activities. Due to the importance of information in decision making a separate field has emerged to serve the appropriate information's to managers for effective and good decision making purpose. Serving the suitable information use to pass through a process called management information system as the information is using to make management decisions....
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